From Startup Hats to Scaling Heights: Thiago Guimarães’ Candid Playbook for Entrepreneurial Success

Thiago Guimarães’ Journey: From Startup Struggles to Scaling Success at LGG Advisors

In a candid conversation with Temy, international software development company, we delved into the mind and journey of Thiago Guimarães, the Founder and CEO of LGG Advisors. Hailing from dual British and Portuguese roots, Thiago’s formative years spanned the vibrant cultures of both the UK and Portugal, eventually setting the stage for a globe-trotting adulthood.

With a career majorly anchored in the financial services industry, his ardor for the sector was palpable, and it’s this passion that birthed LGG Advisors six years ago. Beyond the boardroom, however, Thiago’s interests lie in tennis. While he quips about the disparity between his tennis skills and enthusiasm, it’s evident he’s a fervent fan, with Alcaraz and Federer making his list of favorites.

As the conversation progressed, rapid-fire questions revealed intriguing facets about Thiago: a team player, risk-taker, and a leader who has evolved from a short-term goal mindset to embracing a long-term vision. Dive in as we uncover more about the man behind LGG Advisors.

Thiago Guimarães's Journey: From Startup Struggles to Scaling Success at LGG Advisors

Thiago’s Two Worlds: From Financial Whiz to Tennis Enthusiast

Peeling back the layers of Thiago’s life story felt like a journey of its own. Here was a man who, beneath the professional veneer of a financial services expert, carried with him the rich tapestry of two cultures. “I’m both Portuguese and British,” Thiago said with a hint of pride, as he painted a vivid picture of his early years divided between the UK and Portugal. He then added with a hint of mystery, “As an adult, I’ve lived in many different countries.” Makes you wonder about the tales of adventure he could unfold, right?

But beyond the finance charts and business meetings, there lies a side of Thiago not many are privy to. “I’m a tennis fan,” he confessed, his voice taking on a wistful note. Although his tennis prowess might not match his passion, it’s evident the court holds a special place in his heart. One could almost imagine him, racket in hand, taking on the likes of Alcaraz or even Federer, whom he counts among his favorites. The unguarded moments like these are a reminder that behind every corporate façade, there’s a person with dreams and guilty pleasures.

What struck me most was how candid he was about his day-to-day life, revealing insights into his leadership style and personal preferences. When asked about his daily routine, he shared, “I feel that I’m more productive in the afternoon.” His openness about not being a morning person, yet still rising early for commitments, highlights the balance between personal inclinations and professional responsibilities. “I’m more productive in the afternoon,” Thiago mused, a sentiment many can resonate with, and a reminder that success isn’t tied to when the day starts, but how it’s lived.

I feel that I’m more productive in the afternoon

Thiago’s Balancing Act: From Banking Halls to Remote Work Revolution

Diving deeper into Thiago’s ethos, a compelling picture begins to form about his approach to business, especially work-life balance. “People need to be happy doing what they’re doing,” Thiago emphasized, the conviction evident in his voice. He elaborated that when individuals find contentment in their personal lives, it positively impacts their professional worlds. It’s a philosophy rooted in human-centricity, as he quipped, “From this balance, I believe, comes more happy, productive people.” His belief isn’t merely a lofty ideal but is intricately woven into the fabric of his company, LGG Advisors.

People need to be happy doing what they’re doing

The genesis of LGG Advisors was fueled by Thiago’s thirst for innovation. He wasn’t content with merely being a user of services; he wanted to enhance them. Drawing from his experiences at Barclays, he spotted an opportunity in the corporate finance support sector. “I think I can build a better version of this,” he recalled, shedding light on his ambition to craft a team augmentation service superior to traditional outsourcing. And thus, despite challenges like the initial absence of a balanced work-life, LGG Advisors was born.

But every entrepreneur faces watershed moments, and for Thiago, the COVID era was transformative. In a paradoxical twist, while the pandemic wreaked havoc worldwide, it presented a silver lining for his venture. He noted, “COVID brought two things that didn’t exist before,” namely the remote work culture and an omnipresent uncertainty. This unique blend worked in LGG’s favor, positioning them as the go-to service that nullified recruitment ambiguities for other businesses. Thiago’s journey, a blend of visionary thinking and adapting to unprecedented challenges, continues to evolve, leaving us eager for what’s next on his horizon.

Thiago’s Take: Navigating the AI Spectrum and The Secret Sauce Behind LGG Advisors

The pace of technological change can be blinding, but Thiago has his gaze fixed firmly on the horizon. “Every week, every month, there are changes,” he remarks, emphasizing the transformative power of artificial intelligence. For Thiago, AI isn’t just another buzzword; it’s a dynamic tool. “If you’re providing these services on the more commoditized side, you might eventually be replaced by AI,” he warns. But for those ready to embrace change, staying ahead of the curve and focusing on insight and added value could turn this so-called threat into the industry’s most valuable ally.

Delving into the practical applications of AI, Thiago sheds light on LGG Advisors’ proactive approach. With a resourceful digital team at the helm, they’re pushing boundaries, leveraging API connections with various AI platforms. The goal? Embedding AI-derived insights into their research process. It’s not about replacing human thought; it’s about augmenting it, making data-driven decisions, and getting that essential head start.

But LGG Advisors’ success isn’t solely dependent on technology. It thrives on its role as a strategic thought partner. Thiago explains, “If we’re doing a better job, our client will do a better job with their clients.” It’s a symbiotic relationship, with the focus being on delivering value, insight, and saving precious time. The clearer the vision, the better the outcome – and Thiago is someone who clearly sees the bigger picture.

If we’re doing a better job, our client will do a better job with their clients

Thiago’s Insightful Dive: From Startup Struggles to AI-Fueled Expansion

“Be ready to do a little bit of everything,” Thiago laughingly stated. It’s evident that the initial challenges of entrepreneurship have a learning curve steeper than most anticipate. With his hands dipped in everything, from the most intricate of strategies to administrative tasks, Thiago’s early CEO days at LGG Advisors were not about fancy titles, but about groundwork. Reminiscing about the initial days, he pointed out the crucial essence of being both “resilient” and “flexible.” As he put it, “Businesses have ups and downs. With startups, in many cases, more downs than ups.”

Businesses have ups and downs. With startups, in many cases, more downs than ups

While persistence is a buzzword often tied to entrepreneurship, Thiago’s advice has a touch of sobering realism. “Be very honest with yourself,” he said. A powerful advice, reminding budding entrepreneurs that while resilience is key, so is recognizing when to pivot or change paths. The true determinant? “Market adoption.” If your product or service isn’t resonating with the audience, no matter how much belief you have, it might be time to revisit the drawing board.

Thiago’s ambitions for LGG Advisors are clear and grounded in technological advancement. AI isn’t just a trendy term for them; it’s an operational tool. Their aim? To be the go-to for Team Augmentation in corporate finance services. But there’s more. As they solidify their footing in the UK, the American dream beckons. Thiago’s eyes light up at the prospect. “Deepen our ties to the US markets,” he eagerly remarked. And with their plans to expand their bouquet of services, Thiago envisions LGG as a “global one-stop shop service for Team Augmentation Business Services.”

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