From Selfie to Cyberspace: The Revolution of Digital Avatars with UNION’s CEO, Cai Felip

Crafting the Digital Self: UNION Avatars’ Cai Felip on Future Identity Evolution

In an enlightening conversation on ‘Bright Founders Talk’ by Temy, an international software development company, we had the privilege to sit down with Cai Felip, the dynamic CEO of UNION Avatars. Hailing from a rich tech background and having dabbled in diverse sectors ranging from video games to the music industry, Cai has a compelling journey to share.

Before spearheading UNION Avatars, his endeavors spanned from leading a cashback application startup to contemplating decentralized identity solutions for the digital age. UNION Avatars, under Cai’s vision, is pioneering a transformative approach to avatar creation. With the convergence of computer vision, AI, and 3D reconstruction, they’re paving the way for lifelike avatars, constructed from simple 2D photos.

As the lines between the digital and physical realms blur, UNION Avatars is bridging this gap, offering a glimpse into the future of digital identity in an increasingly virtual world. Dive into this interview to learn more about Cai’s journey, the inception of UNION Avatars, and the boundless possibilities of the digital avatar universe.

Crafting the Digital Self: UNION Avatars' Cai Felip on Future Identity Evolution

Cai’s Journey: From Tech Roots to Reimagining Identity in 3D Worlds

Cai’s eyes twinkled with excitement as he delved into his story, starting from his early days. “I come from a tech background,” he began with a reminiscent smile. His father was a developer, and that spark ignited young Cai’s passion. He didn’t just play video games; he crafted them. But life’s melody took a different turn, pulling him towards the rhythms of the music industry. Owning a music-related company for six years, Cai then dipped his toes into the startup world. His cashback application venture only solidified his tech-centric mindset, and after two years as CTO, it was time for a new challenge.

But it was UNION Avatars that truly captured Cai’s heart and imagination. He enthusiastically explained, “It’s an avatar engine to create realistic avatars from simple selfies.” Using groundbreaking techniques like 3D reconstruction and AI, they transform mundane 2D snaps into lifelike 3D avatars. Just picture it: You, in pixel-perfect detail, ready to explore any digital realm you please. “A 3D realistic avatar that’s already ready to be used in an interactive way in any sort of 3D platform,” Cai detailed with palpable pride.

It’s an avatar engine to create realistic avatars from simple selfies

The real question on everyone’s mind: How did this brilliant idea even come to fruition? Cai’s answer was rooted in his obsession with identity. The pain of juggling countless online personas resonated with him. “For me, it was a hassle,” he admitted, painting a picture of a digital world fragmented by passwords. He passionately reflected, “I’ve been quite obsessed with everything related to identity. The best way to represent ourselves in these platforms is through avatars.” This philosophy hints at the core of UNION Avatars: a seamless blend of our physical and virtual selves.

The Metaverse & Beyond: Cai’s Vision of Our Digital Evolution

It’s funny how the concept of the ‘metaverse’ sounds straight out of a sci-fi novel, yet here we are, on the brink of it. Cai, with the passion of a kid talking about their favorite toy, jumped right in: “We’re moving from scrolling to a more immersive, spatial experience,” he shared, highlighting the evolution of our digital interaction. While many had dreams of soaring like Neo in the Matrix, Cai’s vision is more grounded. “It’s a steady glow we’ll see in the future,” he said, envisioning short-term advances in augmented and mixed reality before diving deep into fully immersive experiences. And Cai makes a striking point: “In the face of challenges like climate change, these technologies can make us more local yet deeply connected in ways we can’t even imagine.”

Then, the conversation steered to a topic close to Cai’s heart: identity. How we present ourselves in the sprawling web has always been a puzzle. And UNION Avatars’ solution? Offering a buffet of identity options. “In the digital realm, we should express ourselves as we prefer,” he emphasized. Just as we tweak our profiles based on the platform – a professional shot for LinkedIn, a candid for Instagram – Cai envisions a world where our avatars can shift gears accordingly. “Be it a fun cartoon for a game night or a realistic representation for a work meeting, it’s all about choices.”

Be it a fun cartoon for a game night or a realistic representation for a work meeting, it’s all about choices

Our avatars have evolved, much like our social media profiles. From cartoons to eerily accurate representations, Cai’s journey with UNION Avatars has been one of constant change. “Avatars, derived from ancient Greek, mean the embodiment of a person in one form,” he mused. But it’s not just about looks; it’s sentiment, emotion, the essence of being. And in the next few years? Cai believes it’s not about realistic vs. cartoon avatars. “It’s about how you choose to represent yourself, as all avatars have their space and purpose.” This fluid approach to identity is the future, not fixed in stone but ever-changing, ever-evolving.

When you think of avatars, maybe your mind jumps to fantastical representations in vivid games. But Cai’s got a different tale to tell. With UNION Avatars, it’s not all about whimsical realms. In fact, he’s finding the corporate world has a growing appetite for his technology. “In corporate environments, they want a fast solution,” Cai says, pointing out the appeal of their rapid avatar creation. Gaming is still in the mix, but the versatility of avatars goes beyond mere aesthetics. It’s about choice. “It’s about offering different options to the user,” Cai emphasizes, letting everyone choose the avatar that mirrors their essence or intent.

Pivoting to partnerships, Cai shed light on a recent collaboration with fashion powerhouse, Mango. Fashion brands, it seems, are evolving in their virtual aspirations. Initially drawn to digital for its marketing allure, now they’re seeing the potential for something deeper: realism. And why? To perfectly mirror their real-world products in the digital realm. “For fashion brands, it’s hard to generate revenue when the digital asset doesn’t look like the real asset,” Cai observes. With Mango onboard, UNION Avatars is validating its narrative and working on innovative projects that streamline processes and cut costs. Because as Cai notes, for big businesses, sometimes “saving money is even better than winning some.”

Saving money is even better than winning some

Lastly, no tech talk is complete without peering into the challenges and the future. Cai, always the tech enthusiast, candidly speaks about the shifts he’s witnessed. From initially liaising with marketing departments, he now finds himself deep in conversations with e-commerce teams, where ROI becomes the central theme. But technology is ever-evolving. With monthly tech upgrades and continuous innovations, adaptability is the name of the game. “For me, tech is really about being on the last train,” Cai muses, emphasizing the importance of staying updated and ever-ready for the next big thing in technology.

Crafting Digital Identities: Behind the Scenes with UNION Avatars’ Cai

For many of us, the idea of turning a mere selfie into a lifelike avatar seems straight out of a sci-fi film. Yet, Cai’s innovation at UNION Avatars has turned this dream into a reality. Delving into the tech behind it all, he shared that it’s a “fully automated process.” Taking a picture, extracting its volumetrics, and applying it to a 3D model is now almost instantaneous, thanks to their technology. But the journey to reach this level of automation was no cakewalk. With an emphasis on the importance of patience in tech development, Cai notes, “It’s not that if you put a lot of money now it will go 10 times faster… it takes time.”

It’s not that if you put a lot of money now it will go 10 times faster… it takes time

Growing from a small startup to a 19-person team, UNION Avatars’ growth spurt was especially noticeable this year. When asked about his legacy, Cai’s response was profound yet simple. He hopes to be remembered as a pioneer who played a significant role in the evolution of digital representation and identity management. “One of the good things with technology is that sometimes it lasts even more than yourself,” Cai mused, revealing a deeper motivation behind his work.

For budding entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, Cai’s journey offers numerous lessons. Reflecting on his path, he gave a piece of timeless advice that rings true for all startups: iterate, test, and don’t overspend before finding a genuine product-market fit. Growing a team and investing heavily should only come after this crucial step. By sharing his story and insights, Cai paves the way for future innovators, ensuring they’re equipped with the wisdom of those who walked before them.

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