From Laser Focus to Global Impact: Carmit’s Revolutionary Journey in Tech & Beyond

Carmit’s Journey: Overcoming Obstacles & Revolutionizing Cybersecurity Perspectives

In the world of cybersecurity, innovation and adaptability are the cornerstones to safeguarding our digital lives. As technology’s boundaries expand, so does the realm of threats lurking in the shadows. Recently, we had the privilege of speaking with a leading light in this field: Dr. Carmit Yadin, the Founder and CEO of DeviceTotal. 

Dr. Yadin’s journey from serving in the elite IDF Israeli Defense Forces unit for Cyber Intelligence to leading her cybersecurity firm is both fascinating and inspiring. 

In our candid conversation, she delves into her rich experiences, the challenges of our increasingly interconnected world, and how DeviceTotal rises to address them. Join us as we explore the story of a modern-day cyber sentinel, sharing her insights and passion for a safer digital universe.

Carmit Yadin's Journey: Overcoming Obstacles & Revolutionizing Cybersecurity Perspectives

From IDF Cyber Spook to Tech Trailblazer: Carmit’s Unraveling of a Digital Odyssey

Shivering amidst the Ukrainian cold, our chat with Dr. Carmit, CEO of DeviceTotal, took off on an unexpectedly warm note. Instead of merely introducing her cybersecurity company, she took us on a captivating journey. Picturing her past, it’s not the bustling streets of Tel Aviv or a regular office in Herzliya. Instead, imagine the intense hallways of Israel’s elite IDF Cyber Intelligence unit.

“So, how did the IDF mould a tech entrepreneur?” we wondered aloud. Carmit’s face lit up with passion and gratitude. “Without serving the IDF, I wouldn’t be at the place where I am today,” she emphasized. Diving into her IDF days, it wasn’t just about high-tech warfare and cyber espionage. It was the bedrock of her expertise. Starting with training in network security and PKI, her trajectory later intersected with world governments and leading NASDAQ companies. Amidst all the cyber jargon, what struck was her heartfelt statement, “I’m having the best job in the world, doing what I love. It’s the best position ever.”

I’m having the best job in the world, doing what I love. It’s the best position ever

Yet, behind every tech prodigy, there’s that ‘aha’ moment. For Carmit, it was her realization of a rapidly connecting world – a world brimming with devices. But, with innovation came a glaring blindspot. As more gadgets emerged, fewer could be “protected” in the traditional sense. Think about it: your smart fridge, the IP camera in your backyard, those essential security devices – all blind to conventional cybersecurity measures. And this is where DeviceTotal stepped in, becoming the guiding light in the obscure world of IoT. Fusing data science and cutting-edge AI, Carmit’s vision now offers clear visibility into the very heart of our digital networks.

Carmit Breaks Down the Secret Sauce Behind DeviceTotal: Innovating Beyond Traditional Cyber Boundaries

“We decided to look at the problem of connected devices from a different end game,” Carmit began, eyes sparkling with the passion of a tech visionary. It’s not every day you meet someone redefining an industry’s landscape, and today was that day. With over 75 billion devices creating a digital whirlwind, her unique approach was simple yet revolutionary. By harnessing data science and AI, DeviceTotal has developed a universal repository – the industry’s first – that consolidates security data for any device in the world. The game-changer? “They don’t need to do anything…We deliver data, they just need to share with us their inventories,” Carmit explained, emphasizing the sheer ease and efficiency of their solution.

We decided to look at the problem of connected devices from a different end game

Diving deeper, the conversation turned to the threats businesses face in device security today. It was clear – organizations might be fortifying their fortresses, but they often neglect the windows. “Attackers are smart,” Carmit remarked, weaving a narrative that felt eerily akin to a heist movie, “If you left the window open, why would they go through the main door?” With a plethora of devices like IP cameras, switches, and UPSs often ignored, these become vulnerable entry points. Think of it as leaving your digital backdoor wide open, inviting cyber attackers to sneak in.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Carmit punctuated the chat with a staggering statistic, “54% of organizations confirm that they’ve been subjected to IoT and OT attacks.” It’s not mere numbers, but a call to action. Vulnerabilities are known, exploits are available online, and the risk is palpable. But as the conversation wrapped, one thing was clear – with innovators like Carmit at the helm of cybersecurity solutions like DeviceTotal, the digital realm may yet be in safe hands.

Carmit’s Unyielding Spirit: The Courageous Pivot Behind DeviceTotal’s Success

Three years ago, Carmit’s vision for DeviceTotal was a tad different. She dove into the cybersecurity realm with the aspiration of removing device vulnerabilities at the manufacturing level. “I thought if I could eliminate these vulnerabilities at the vendor’s end, we’d all purchase secure devices. That was…extremely naive,” she recalled with a chuckle. In this world of tech, being adaptable and resilient isn’t just a choice, it’s a necessity.

I thought if I could eliminate these vulnerabilities at the vendor’s end, we’d all purchase secure devices. That was…extremely naive

The true test of any entrepreneur is not in their initial idea, but how they pivot when faced with unforeseen challenges. Carmit faced her watershed moment early on. “I realized that the manufacturers don’t care,” she stated candidly. It hit her that the battle for security was within organizations, not with device producers. This epiphany called for an audacious move – a complete pivot. “I was devastated,” she admitted, her voice heavy, “I felt like it was a disaster.” Alongside the shift in focus, came the gut-wrenching decision to let go of her co-founders. “I changed all aspects in the company by myself,” she reflected, her journey’s weight evident in her words.

Behind this daunting transition, however, stood a beacon of hope – her investors. Their unwavering faith fueled her journey. She fondly recalled, “My lead investor… gave me the opportunity to actually do that. I’m so grateful.” Their belief, combined with her relentless determination, transformed a challenging pivot into a resounding success. As our conversation wrapped, it was evident that Carmit’s tale wasn’t just about tech or business but about the tenacity of the human spirit.

Carmit’s Unyielding Drive: Shaping the Future with Israeli Grit and Passion

Carmit’s laser-focused determination, evident in every venture she embarks upon, is what truly sets her apart. Whether it’s building a company, penning a book, or stepping onto the TED stage, her unwavering gaze is fixed on the goal. “You wake up in the morning and go to bed with that single target in mind,” she explains. “When you’re truly passionate about something, it fuels you from the inside. That’s the secret.” Such relentless drive emerges from a blend of passion and a fear of failure.

When you’re truly passionate about something, it fuels you from the inside. That’s the secret

But what really caught my ear was her unique Israeli perspective on failure. Instead of being a setback, failures are just detours on the road to success. “We see failures as opportunities to try from a different angle,” she elaborated, noting how this approach starkly contrasts with attitudes in places like Japan and the US. This ability to pivot, combined with an unyielding focus on the end goal, she believes, makes Israelis exceptionally successful at founding startups. “If there’s a blocked road, we’ll find a way around it,” she says with a hint of pride in her voice.

Yet, Carmit’s ultimate dream transcends business metrics. Drawing a parallel to the depth of information consumers demand from a $5 purchase at a grocery store, she envisions a world where we demand the same transparency for our pricier tech devices. “There’s no way people won’t get visibility into what they’re bringing home,” she asserted, emphasizing the need to know the implications of a device on our families and businesses. It’s clear that with Carmit’s dedication, this vision is not just a dream but a future reality.

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