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From Drum Beats to Tech Feats: Yoad Fekete’s Riveting Journey from Rockstar Aspirations to Startup Triumphs

Yoad Fekete Unplugged: A Tech CEO’s Journey from Rock to Startup

In the bustling world of tech startups, it’s rare to find a leader as multifaceted as Yoad Fekete, the Co-Founder and CEO of Myrror Security. In a recent interview on The Bright Founders Talk at Temy, Fekete shared insights into his unique journey, blending his passions for technology, music, and animal welfare into a singular career path. Our host, Matthew, delves into Fekete’s transformation from a self-proclaimed “big metalhead” in his youth to a tech-savvy entrepreneur and animal welfare advocate.

Fekete’s tale is not just about corporate achievements but also his personal growth and diverse interests. Despite parental and societal pressures to pursue a conventional tech route, Fekete maintained his artistic and compassionate sides, showcasing how varied experiences can enrich professional endeavors. His story is a testament to following one’s passions, whether it’s drumming in a rock band in LA or volunteering at animal shelters.

His technical expertise, honed over 12 years in IT security and DevOps, is matched by his commitment to his personal interests, proving that a successful career can also be deeply personal and varied. Join us as we explore Fekete’s journey, offering insights into the intersection of technology, creativity, and compassion.

Yoad Fekete Unplugged: A Tech CEO's Journey from Rock to Startup
The Drumming CEO: Yoad Fekete’s Melodic Journey from Rock Bands to Tech Brand

Picture this: a young Yoad Fekete, head full of heavy metal dreams, ready to rock the world. Fast forward, and he’s leading the charge at Myrror Security, but the echoes of guitar riffs still resonate in his heart. Yoad’s journey is a rollercoaster of passions – from a metalhead teenager to an animal-loving tech wizard. His story is a vivid tapestry, weaving together contrasting threads of music, technology, and a love for animals. “I always thought I’d be headbanging my way to stardom,” Yoad chuckles, reminiscing about his days dreaming of music while juggling a nascent interest in technology.

I always thought I’d be headbanging my way to stardom

Yoad’s life took a sharp turn when his parents nudged him from the stage to the study desk, trading guitar picks for computer chips. But even as he dived into the world of IT and security, his heart kept time to a different beat. Amidst the cacophony of coding and corporate life, Yoad found solace in animal shelters, earning him the playful title of ‘the crazy cat lady’ among his neighbors. His time in the army only deepened this dichotomy: a tech-minded soldier with a soul yearning for the wilderness. “I was torn between the battlefield and the band,” Yoad recalls. “But in the end, my heart led me to both.”

Today, Yoad strikes a unique chord in the tech world, harmonizing his passions for innovation and animal welfare. He’s proof that the rhythm of our lives can be as diverse and dynamic as we dare to dream. His journey from pounding drums in LA to pioneering security solutions is more than a career shift; it’s a testament to the power of embracing every facet of our being. “You can be a techie, a musician, and an animal lover, all at once,” Yoad says, encapsulating his multifaceted life. His story isn’t just about success in tech; it’s about playing the grand symphony of life with all its notes, harmonies, and occasional dissonances.

Beating a New Path: Yoad’s Transition from Drummer to Tech Dynamo

Yoad Fekete’s career has been anything but a monotonous beat. From a drummer to a dedicated employee, his life took a dramatic turn when he stepped into the entrepreneurial world. The biggest shift, as Yoad puts it, wasn’t just the change in job titles but the weight of responsibility that came with founding Myrror Security. “It’s a 150% job,” he says, reflecting on the reduced hours for his musical passion and volunteering. Yoad’s commitment to his company is palpable, underscoring his transition from personal ambitions to a leader responsible for his team’s wellbeing and the company’s future.

“Starting a company? It’s a shitshow, especially for a first-time founder,” Yoad candidly admits. His journey at the helm of Myrror Security has been a whirlwind of learning and adapting. From product marketing to effective delegation, Yoad had to pick up skills on the fly. But the crux of his learning was about people management. Ensuring employee satisfaction, fostering a positive work environment, and staying on top of tasks became his top priorities. This people-first approach, Yoad believes, is the cornerstone of any successful venture. His philosophy is simple yet profound: “People are everything.”

Starting a company? It’s a shitshow, especially for a first-time founder

Yoad’s pivot to technology was not just a career change but a response to an industry need. The inception of Myrror Security was catalyzed by his experience at Microsoft during the SolarWinds attack. Identifying a gap in the market for a solution that could detect similar attacks, Yoad teamed up with his co-founder, Roman, a seasoned expert in cyber defense and R&D. Their partnership was the perfect blend of skills and experience, crucial for tackling the challenges of cybersecurity. Yoad’s entrepreneurial journey, from conceptualizing Myrror Security to validating its necessity with security professionals, exemplifies his ability to transform challenges into opportunities. “Quitting the comfortable life to hustle,” as he puts it, was not just a career decision but a leap into fulfilling a vital industry need.

Leaping into the Unknown: Yoad’s Journey from Comfort to Startup Chaos

Taking the leap from a secure job to the unpredictable world of startups is a tale not just of ambition but of genuine bravery. Yoad Fekete’s decision to leave behind a comfortable life for the wild seas of entrepreneurship was fraught with mixed emotions. “It’s a mix of fear and hesitation,” Yoad recalls, describing the momentous decision. He highlights the crucial support of his wife, acknowledging that such a move isn’t a solo endeavor but a family affair. His co-founder, faced with the added responsibility of three kids, shared a poignant insight: life offers few chances to pursue something truly yours. This conviction pushed them both to dive headfirst into the unknown, embracing the risks for a shot at something greater.

For Yoad, starting Myrror Security wasn’t just about business; it was about building a legacy, something that truly resonated with his values and vision. He quotes his co-founder Roman: “You have probably only one or two opportunities to do what you actually believe in.” This idea became a guiding light for Yoad, propelling him to invest his energy and creativity into something deeply personal. The journey was more than a career shift; it was about crafting a story of personal and professional fulfillment, driven by the desire to make a mark in the world of technology and beyond.

You have probably only one or two opportunities to do what you actually believe in

Looking ahead, Yoad’s aspirations for Myrror Security are crystal clear. He envisions a future where the company stands as a beacon in the cybersecurity landscape, known for its efficiency and innovation. “I want Myrror to be the kind of tool that helps you get a grip on your software development lifecycle security,” he shares. His dream is to create a product so impactful that it becomes a go-to solution for professionals, saving them time and enhancing their capabilities. For Yoad, it’s not just about the success of the product but also about empowering others in the field, allowing them to focus on what they genuinely want to achieve.

Yoad Fekete: Striking the Chords of Startup Success and Sacrifice

For Yoad Fekete, co-founder and CEO of Myrror Security, the journey into the startup world has been nothing short of thrilling. Starting from scratch, Yoad and his team have recently begun making waves in the tech community. The feedback from their early customers and prospects is overwhelmingly positive, with reports of saving an astounding 30 hours a week for security practitioners. “That’s what we came to do,” Yoad beams with pride. This validation of their hard work and vision is more than just business success; it’s a testament to their impact on the industry, fulfilling their goal of making substantial contributions to the field.

Yoad doesn’t shy away from the harsh truths of startup life, especially when it comes to work-life balance. “There is no work-life balance, it’s just work,” he states candidly. This brutal honesty sheds light on the sacrifices entrepreneurs like him make – long hours, no vacations, and a relentless dedication that borders on the extreme. For Yoad, the support of his wife has been pivotal in this journey, acknowledging that such a path demands not just personal commitment but familial understanding too. It’s a story of relentless pursuit, driven by passion and an unwavering focus on the end goal.

There is no work-life balance, it’s just work

When asked about what keeps him motivated, Yoad’s response is refreshingly honest: a blend of ego and the sheer joy of innovation. The idea that he started something he can’t let fail drives him, but more importantly, it’s the success of their technology that truly fuels his passion. Seeing his product work and benefit customers provides a deep sense of satisfaction. Yoad’s love for engaging with people, whether it’s customers or fellow entrepreneurs, adds another layer to his motivation. He even jokes about an alternate career as a bartender, just for the joy of conversation. For Yoad, the startup journey is more than just building a company; it’s about building relationships, sharing knowledge, and continuously learning from every interaction.

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