From Beer Tests to Billion-Dollar Goals: The Vyzer Pivot with Litan Yahav

Litan Yahav on Vyzer’s Success: Pivots, Global Challenges & the Future of Family Offices

In the bustling world of tech entrepreneurship, every CEO’s journey is unique, offering lessons in resilience, innovation, and leadership. Among these luminaries stands Litan Yahav, the Co-Founder and CEO of Vyzer, a visionary in the tech domain.

Recently, we sat down for a candid chat with Yahav, delving deep into his personal and professional chronicles. Beyond the boardroom decisions and software innovations, we uncovered fun tidbits—like his talent for playing the saxophone as a child.

But there’s more to Yahav than meets the eye; his formative years in the Israeli Navy lent him an unparalleled perspective on leadership amidst uncertainty—a trait that would serve him well in the unpredictable waters of the startup ecosystem. As the conversation unfolded, we explored everything from his work ethos to his thoughts on networking. Dive in to gain insights into the mind of a tech maestro who’s charting a unique course in the industry.

Litan Yahav on Vyzer's Success: Pivots, Global Challenges & the Future of Family Offices
The Sax, the Navy, and the Startup World: A Candid Chat with Litan Yahav

There’s an old saying that “You never really know someone until you sit down and have a chat.” And in our latest segment, as the lively beat of conversation picked up, we learned that Litan, the CEO of divisor design, once serenaded the world with the smooth tunes of a saxophone. A curious tidbit, don’t you think? He chuckled, “That’s one thing I don’t think many people know about me.”

From the rhythmic allure of the saxophone to the disciplined cadence of the Navy, Litan’s journey is anything but mundane. When asked about his stint in the Israeli Navy, the passion in his voice was palpable. “Leading teams in a lot of uncertainty, making a lot with little, thinking out of the box,” he reflected. And the lesson? “This is what we have, and we get a win with it,” he said, hinting at a win-at-all-costs mindset.

This is what we have, and we get a win with it

But beneath the layers of entrepreneur acumen and naval strategy, lies a relatable human core. When quizzed about work-life balance, Litan’s answer resonated with many. “Today, it’s more important than ever,” he shared, thinking of his family. The startup world is rife with challenges, but for Litan, the dance between business and personal life is a choreography he’s constantly perfecting. And as for networking? A big thumbs up from the tech maestro! After all, life is about connections, be it in code or conversations.

Everyone loves a good pivot, right? Well, as it turns out, even the best in the business like Litan have to sometimes swerve from the charted path. When asked about his business approach, he mused, “Any goals have to be both short term and long term.” And, let’s be honest, as someone who’s 100% hands-on, he’s a CEO who’s at the heart of his game. It’s evident Litan isn’t someone satisfied with just the now. When asked about the success of the current year, he candidly remarked, “I’m never happy with this year’s success. I always want more.”

I’m never happy with this year’s success. I always want more

Diving deeper into the genesis of his venture, it’s fascinating to note that his latest business wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment epiphany but rather a solution to a personal need. He and his co-founder were looking for a way to manage their newfound wealth after selling their previous company. After realizing that many others shared this need, what started as a personal solution evolved into a new startup venture. Litan emphasized, “We only turned it into a formal new startup after interviewing hundreds of people… understanding they needed it as well.”

And then there’s the name game. How do you brand such a venture? ‘Vyzer’ was the pick of the lot for Litan, a name with dual implications: an advisor and a protective shield. But for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Litan offers a pearl of wisdom: don’t overthink the name. In the end, what truly matters is the work you pour into the venture. As he puts it, “Get to work with it, it doesn’t matter.”

Pivoting with Purpose: Litan’s Vision for ‘Vyzer’ and the Unquenchable Thirst for More

Litan is no stranger to change. With an authentic chuckle, he reminisced about the ‘ugly and breakable’ first version of Vyzer, the revolutionary wealth management tool designed initially for personal use. From its crude MVP, Vyzer has come a long way, shaping and adapting to the needs of its users. “We’re always iterating,” Litan says, a testament to his and his team’s relentless dedication to enhancing their product. With every feature they launch, there’s a clear goal: to solve a real, tangible problem. For Litan, that problem is the gap in the market for those who’ve outgrown budgeting apps but aren’t quite at the point of forming their own family office. Vyzer steps in, bridging this challenging middle ground.

However, Litan’s entrepreneurial journey isn’t just about identifying gaps in the market; it’s about choosing where to cast the spotlight. Drawing a universal parallel, he reveals the most significant challenge startups face: deciding what to focus on. “It’s a big challenge. There are so many things we want to do. Deciding that one thing we want to do today… is the biggest challenge,” Litan states. His approach? Engaging in user interviews, delving deep into product usability data, and understanding client needs. Every decision points back to one primary objective: enhancing the value Vyzer offers its users.

It’s a big challenge. There are so many things we want to do. Deciding that one thing we want to do today… is the biggest challenge

When asked about his relationship with his co-founder, Litan lights up, comparing him to a second spouse. Their bond, fortified by mutual respect and challenging questions, is the bedrock on which Vyzer stands. Their ‘beer test’ – an informal metric for gauging camaraderie and fit within their early-stage team – underscores the importance of maintaining a close-knit, likeminded team. And as for always wanting more? Litan believes it’s an asset, driving him and his team forward, even if it means they’re never truly satisfied. Always wanting more isn’t about insatiability; for Litan, it’s about an unwavering commitment to excellence and growth.

Taking Risks and Rewriting the Rulebook: Litan’s Vision for Vyzer

“Pivoting” is often thrown around in the world of startups like a game of hot potato – everyone wants to do it, but no one wants to get burned. Yet, Litan, who launched a product just at the close of the previous year, made a bold move with his venture, Vyzer. He shared, “We didn’t exactly pivot, but we sort of did a month and a half ago, adding a different business model.” The result? A doubled revenue within a month, outpacing the performance of the prior six months.

However, just as most tales of success go, this one came with its set of challenges. The real test wasn’t the pivot itself, but what came after. “How do we keep on growing at a very high velocity over a long period of time?” Litan mused, pointing out that balancing product features with exponential growth was a continuous tightrope walk.

Beyond numbers and business models, Vyzer, under Litan’s leadership, is clear about its mission. It aims to become the ultimate family office, not just for billionaires but for everyone. “We’re all about bringing value to our clients,” Litan emphasized, driving home the philosophy that guides every decision in the Vyzer universe. Whether it’s managing remote teams from Israel to the Philippines or ensuring work-life balance for its employees, Vyzer’s narrative is one of relentless evolution and adaptation, led by a visionary who isn’t afraid to rewrite the rulebook.

We’re all about bringing value to our clients

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