From Agency Roots to SaaS Stardom: David Hart’s Trailblazing Journey and His Blueprint for Success in ‘Productize’

David Hart’s Odyssey: Agency to SaaS Glory & ‘Productize’ Insights

In our latest episode of The Bright Founders Talk at Temy, an engaging dialogue unfolds with David Hart, an influential figure in the tech world and Advisory Board Member at As an experienced entrepreneur, David shares his journey from co-founding a digital agency in 2004 to his current endeavors in transforming agency models into successful SaaS (Software as a Service) enterprises. Our host, Matthew, guides us through an insightful conversation revealing David’s strategic shift from client-based projects to productizing intellectual property, aiming for sustainable financial growth and scalability.

David delves into the nuances of working with various types of agencies, primarily those in the digital realm, and explores the challenges and triumphs of pivoting towards product-centric business models. He recounts his early days of product experimentation and the eventual realization that a clear focus was essential for attracting serious investors and scaling the business. This revelation led to the pivotal decision of selling his agency to concentrate fully on ScreenCloud, a digital signage SaaS venture.

ScreenCloud’s journey from a mere concept to a thriving business with over 20 million in revenue and a team of 150, exemplifies the potential of focused, product-based strategies in the tech industry. David’s story is a testament to the power of adaptability, vision, and the courage to make bold decisions in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and entrepreneurship.

David Hart's Odyssey: Agency to SaaS Glory & 'Productize' Insights
David Hart’s Journey: From Digital Agency to SaaS Success Story

In the heart of our conversation, David dives into his current passion: helping agencies pivot into the lucrative world of SaaS. It’s not just a career move; it’s a strategic game-changer. He’s been there, in the trenches of agency work, and now he’s leveraging that experience to guide others. David lights up when he talks about this transition, emphasizing the importance of scaling and financial longevity. “It’s about turning what you know into something you can scale,” David shares, sparking interest with his vision of transformation.

It’s about turning what you know into something you can scale

David recounts the early days, filled with dreams of creating blockbuster products while running his agency. But reality often clashed with these dreams. He admits to feeling the drag of client demands, overshadowing his product aspirations. This tug-of-war led to a critical juncture. “We were tired of the agency treadmill,” David confesses, his voice tinged with the fatigue of past struggles. His story resonates with many entrepreneurs, painting a vivid picture of the balancing act between client work and pursuing one’s own ventures.

The turning point for David came with a hard decision: to sell the agency and focus solely on ScreenCloud, a digital signage SaaS venture. It wasn’t just a business move; it was a leap of faith. This decision opened doors to serious investors and marked the birth of ScreenCloud. Today, with a revenue of over 20 million and a team of 150, ScreenCloud stands as a testament to David’s vision and tenacity. “Best financial decision ever,” he says with a hint of pride, a quote that encapsulates his journey of transformation and success.

David Hart: Navigating the Highs and Lows of SaaS Innovation

David Hart, with a twinkle in his eye, reflects on his transition from the day-to-day operations of his brainchild to a broader advisory role. “I’m still a big cheerleader for the business,” he says, his pride evident. This shift in his professional life marks not just a change in duties but a testament to his ability to set a successful course and then let others navigate it. It’s a rare skill, relinquishing control while maintaining passion, and David embodies this balance perfectly. His journey with his co-founders, from shared experiences in another agency to creating Cogent, highlights the power of knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses intimately.

I’m still a big cheerleader for the business

David’s narrative takes a contemplative turn as he recounts the initial setbacks and reality checks. Laughed out of a restaurant when pitching his idea, he didn’t let this deter him. “I’ve spent a lifetime of being knocked back,” David shares with a candid smile. This resilience, born from years of facing and overcoming challenges, became his compass in navigating the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship. He stresses the importance of learning from rejections, a philosophy that fueled his later successes with ScreenCloud. This attitude, blending humility with determination, is perhaps his most significant asset.

Describing ScreenCloud’s growth, David’s voice brims with excitement. From a slow start to a rapid escalation, he illustrates the exhilarating journey of a SaaS business. “At one point, you’re strapped to a rocket,” he says, describing the surge from a million to three million in revenue in breathtakingly short periods. But with rapid growth came new challenges – planning for a future that was rocketing towards them at warp speed. Navigating the company through the pandemic, restructuring for enterprise readiness, and hiring for an uncertain future, David’s story is a masterclass in adaptability and visionary leadership. “It was pretty hairy times,” he concludes, a phrase that underplays the herculean task he and his team undertook.

The Evolution of a Visionary: David Hart’s Shift from Founder to Mentor

In the thick of our chat, David Hart delves into the transformation of his hiring philosophy. “You need to spend money,” he recalls his investors advising, marking a shift from nurturing junior talents to seeking out industry veterans. This pivot wasn’t just about bringing in experienced hands; it was about adapting to the evolving needs of a burgeoning SaaS business. Hart’s knack for recognizing and acting on such critical inflection points in business is striking. “We moved from a more junior, generalist team to finding specialists,” he explains, highlighting the importance of agility and foresight in business leadership.

We moved from a more junior, generalist team to finding specialists

David’s decision to step back from the frontline of his company is not one of retreat but of strategic realignment. His continued role as an ambassador and shareholder of the company speaks to his enduring commitment. “I love the early stage… the bit where you roll your sleeves up,” he says, his eyes alight with the thrill of creation and innovation. Hart’s pivot to writing a book and moving to California was more than a change of scenery; it was a step towards a new phase of creative and professional fulfillment, rooted in his love for the grit and hustle of the startup world.

As our conversation winds down, David’s enthusiasm for his new role as a mentor to agency founders looking to transition into SaaS is palpable. His journey, from agency owner to SaaS success, is not just a personal triumph but a blueprint for others. He reflects on the varied paths businesses can take, from maintaining services while growing SaaS to complete transitions like his own. “It’s about making things happen and identifying opportunities,” Hart muses. His focus on helping others navigate their journeys, mitigating risks, and maximizing potential, is a testament to his dedication to the entrepreneurial community.

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