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Empowering Tech Talent Amid Global Uncertainties: An Engaging Conversation with Patrick

Exploring Empathy & Resilience in Sales Engineering: An In-depth Chat with Patrick

In our latest episode for Bright Founders Talk at Temy, we are thrilled to bring you an engaging conversation with a dynamic entrepreneur in the software development industry. Our guest, Patrick Pissang, is the charismatic Founder and CEO of Sales Hero.

Sales Hero, under Pissang’s leadership, is revolutionizing sales engineering with innovative training and coaching methodologies. Pissang’s rich insights and unique perspective come to life in this interview as he unfolds the narrative of his own journey as well as the transformative philosophy of Sales Hero.

Along with delving into the company’s operations, the interview uncovers some interesting aspects such as the metaphoric ‘theme song’ of Sales Hero, and the superpowers Pissang believes are essential for a successful sales engineer. Join us in exploring this compelling conversation that is as much about silent progress and Zen-like mindset as it is about the power of knowledge in the realm of software development and sales engineering. This is an interview you certainly won’t want to miss.

Exploring Empathy & Resilience in Sales Engineering: An In-depth Chat with Patrick Pissang
Harmony in Silence: Patrick Pissang’s Unique Take on Sales Engineering & the Superpowers of a Sales Hero

Jumping right in, we are greeted with an unusual and thought-provoking question. If Sales Hero, the company helmed by Patrick Pissang, had a theme song, what would it be? You may be surprised to learn that for Pissang, the answer comes not in a rousing anthem, but in the form of a 1990 synth-pop hit, “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode. Exploring this choice further, he tells us, “I think progress is kind of silence… you can’t really feel it. Only maybe after the certain time has progressed.” This alludes to an interesting perspective on the journey of learning and growth – one that is gradual and not always noticeable.

His song choice, it turns out, is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a metaphor for his philosophy at Sales Hero. His company doesn’t rely on jam-packed workshops or crash courses; instead, the focus is on steady, incremental progress. “It’s a bit of long-term thinking, meeting weekly, having one-to-one’s… it’s silent. You get used to it,” he explains. His approach emphasizes the significance of slow and steady growth, eschewing the short-lived buzz of quick, overwhelming training sessions in favor of sustainable, continuous learning.

And what about the superpowers of a sales engineer? According to Pissang, it’s a “super brain” capable of covering many aspects of a company’s life. He beautifully encapsulates this by saying, “Sales engineering is a career on top of a career. You create this superpower that nobody else has because you have been exposed to a lot of different things.” The respect and admiration he holds for sales engineers is palpable as he describes them as superhumans – a testament to the complex and multifaceted role they play within the industry.

Sales engineering is a career on top of a career. You create this superpower that nobody else has because you have been exposed to a lot of different things

The Super Brain of Sales: Transforming Sales Engineers through Novel Thinking

Patrick’s journey with Sales Hero is quite a unique one, anchored on changing mindsets and embracing unexpected methodologies. He uses an uncommon blend of software development practices like domain-driven design and applies them to sales discovery. But what’s more intriguing is the way Patrick encourages sales engineers to examine their strengths and responsibilities and take them a step further, pushing past their comfort zones. He prompts them to see that their scope of influence doesn’t have to end within the set boundaries of their job roles. He believes that better humans make better sales engineers. “Look, if I become a better human, I will be automatically a better sales engineer,” says Patrick.

If I become a better human, I will be automatically a better sales engineer

Unleashing the power of creativity, Patrick has harnessed the magic of world building to create innovative tools, like the sales engineering map and an AI companion, that enhance the performance and effectiveness of sales engineers. The AI companion is a valuable asset, particularly in generating prompts for tasks, which has proven to be a time-saver. Drawing on his background as a writer, Patrick uses the AI tool to gather insights on various topics, which in turn aids in his unique world-building process. He creates an environment where the seemingly ordinary task of asking the right questions during objection handling can transform into an adventure.

In the whirlwind of digital networking, Patrick highlights the importance of personal branding and connections. It’s not about garnering a massive following, but more about establishing a network where people can find you, connect with you, and start meaningful conversations. His advice? Craft thoughtful posts about your domain, which could serve as an open invitation to connect and start a dialogue. “You offer me something to connect. And I think that’s the power of social,” he emphasizes. In Patrick’s world, believing in the possibilities and embracing serendipity lead to creativity, making every sales engineer a potential hero.

Patrick: Cultivating Empathy and Curiosity, the Driving Forces of Successful Coaching

In the realm of coaching, the dynamics of teacher-student relationships often pivot in unexpected ways. As Patrick, an esteemed coach, explains, his journey has been anything but one-sided. It’s not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about a shared journey of growth. When his students exhibited higher levels of empathy, Patrick realized that he needed to catch up and level up his own empathic skills. Understanding problems from the students’ perspectives became pivotal. It’s not enough to understand a problem; it’s about comprehending its magnitude from another person’s point of view. “I think I made a bigger journey there,” Patrick shares.

Just because I don’t think it’s a big problem doesn’t mean it isn’t to the other person. Having this empathy and thinking more like, ‘okay, this is their point’ has been a crucial part of my evolution as a coach

Keeping up with the rapid advancements in the tech sphere is a daunting task, one that Patrick handles by committing to daily learning. While he may not be an expert in all domains, a devotion to self-study allows him to stay on top of critical trends and equip his students with updated knowledge. With sales and self-development being the primary areas of his focus, he underlines the importance of non-fiction reading in broadening his understanding. But perhaps the most valuable lessons come from his students’ problems, providing him with a front-row seat into their challenges. This cross-pollination of experiences and knowledge from different domains enables him to provide holistic coaching to his students.

To Patrick, great leadership is an intricate blend of empathy, stoic philosophy, discipline, and self-commitment. “How do I speak to myself?” he asks, pointing out that the treatment we give ourselves sets the foundation for how we treat others. A good leader takes responsibility, understands what they can control, and respects their time. Patrick especially highlights the significance of keeping commitments to oneself as a testament to personal integrity. For anyone considering a career in sales engineering or looking to elevate their skills, his advice is succinct: gain experience, develop a depth of understanding, and above all, stay committed to continuous learning.

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