Cracking the Sales Code: Ariel Cohen’s Journey from Classroom to Boardroom

Mastering Sales with Ariel Cohen: The Blend of Instinct, System, and Passion

Inside the Mind of Ariel Cohen: A Dance Between Business and Passion

In today’s feature, we dive into an insightful conversation with Ariel Cohen, the dynamic Group CEO at Volaris Group. Steering an international conglomerate like Volaris Group is no small feat, but Ariel brings a unique blend of experience to the table.

Before joining Volaris, he helmed HackerU Global Education, now known as ThriveDX, positioning it as a global leader in cyber education. But what’s more captivating than his stellar professional journey, is his personal history. With a surprising past as both a salsa instructor and a boxer, Ariel embodies the spirit of versatility.

In a candid chat with Matthew from Temy, Ariel opens up about his life, his ventures, and his belief in team dynamics. As the conversation unfolds, we delve deeper into the world of mergers, acquisitions, and the rhythm that drives this entrepreneurial maestro. Join us as we traverse through the highs and lows of Ariel’s journey, exploring both his corporate acumen and hidden passions.

From Salsa to Software: The Unexpected Twists in Ariel Cohen’s Journey

As Matthew continued his conversation with Ariel, a fascinating layer of the Volaris Group CEO’s life peeled back. While most know him for steering the ship at a global software conglomerate, few might suspect Ariel’s history on the dance floor and inside the boxing ring. It’s a delightful twist, like discovering your no-nonsense math teacher can breakdance or spit bars with the best rappers around.

“I was a salsa instructor in the past, and I was also a boxer,” Ariel shared, dropping the tidbit with the casualness one might use to discuss breakfast choices. To him, there’s a connective tissue between the two, a shared spirit, if you will. “Over 20 years ago, it was a plus dating time. So it was a great way to hook up,” he adds with a wink. Imagine that! The man overseeing mergers and acquisitions also knows a thing or two about the mergers and separations on the dance floor, deftly avoiding an opponent’s hook or leading a partner in a steamy salsa number.

Yet, behind the jovial anecdotes, there’s a fierce dedication to teamwork and a candid acknowledgement of life’s imperfections. “I don’t have a work-life balance, unfortunately. But they have a very understanding wife,” he admits. This sentiment serves as a poignant reminder that every CEO, every entrepreneur, every mover and shaker has a deeply human side. As the chat winds down, there’s a sense that Ariel’s journey, peppered with its fair share of salsa spins and boxing jabs, is an ode to the dance of life itself, unpredictable yet thrilling.

I don’t have a work-life balance, unfortunately. But I have a very understanding wife

From Dreamer to Game-Changer: Ariel Cohen Reflects on his Evolving Path

Ariel Cohen, once a dreamer, has traversed an odyssey of personal and professional metamorphosis. “I was a dreamer,” he muses, echoing a sentiment we’ve all felt at the dawn of our careers, “and I understand now that nothing is in the mirror of a dream. Everything is possible if you really work hard for it.” Ariel’s words resonate with both seasoned professionals and budding entrepreneurs. The visionaries know it, but the challenge lies in moving beyond dreaming to make those aspirations tangible.

His professional journey, punctuated by both hits and misses, offered him rich insights into the dynamics of the corporate world. Ariel candidly acknowledges, “My worst mistake? I was too naive about certain deals,” a misstep that unfortunately wasn’t without its consequences. Yet, like any astute businessman, Ariel made it a learning moment, ensuring that such missteps were stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. Speaking of his current role at Volaris and its parent entity, Constellation Software Inc (CSI), Ariel divulges the essence of their unique buy-and-hold approach to acquisitions. Instead of the cold calculus of bankers, Volaris values the nuanced perspective of operators, an approach that aligns perfectly with Ariel’s own ethos. After all, this is a man who believes in understanding a company’s technology at its core and empathizing with its daily challenges.

Volaris’ methodology is not merely a business strategy; it’s a commitment. As Ariel expounds on the buy-and-hold approach, it’s clear that for him, an acquisition isn’t just a transaction. It’s a bond forged on mutual respect and understanding. The Volaris approach offers a safe haven for businesses, a shelter from the tempestuous world of mergers and acquisitions. It’s about ensuring a legacy continues, with its core values intact, under a supportive umbrella. And at the heart of this is Ariel, a dreamer turned doer, forever in pursuit of the next horizon.

Nothing is in the mirror of a dream. Everything is possible if you work for it

Unlocking the Science of Sales: A Candid Chat with Ariel Cohen

Dive deep into the intricate fabric of modern business, and you’ll discover a myriad of strategies and processes. Ariel, a seasoned professional, draws back the curtain on Volaris and their methodical approach to acquisitions. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about finding the perfect fit. “We’re drawn to businesses with recurring revenue, those that are B2B and stickier in nature,” Ariel expounds, highlighting the significance of the business model over mere numbers. It’s this approach that has shaped his view on establishing businesses, emphasizing the importance of crafting a B2B model, particularly with recurring revenue.

We want to improve efficiency rather than replace human professionals with AI

Take a moment to digest Ariel’s profound insight into the realm of sales. For him, it’s not solely about being persuasive or a smooth talker. Communication becomes an art when you understand its intricacies and nuances. The way words make us feel, their cultural implications, and their impact on the listener can make or break a deal. Self-awareness, Ariel believes, is about how you present yourself, how you modulate your voice, and even how you smell! It’s a symphony of elements, where everything from body language to tone plays a part. And when it comes to team dynamics? There’s an art to crafting a sales methodology that everyone can grasp and benefit from.

The vast ocean of sales has its challenging tides, and Ariel isn’t shy about pointing them out. For many, their biggest stumbling block is their personal biases. “If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, how can you expect someone else to?” he poses, emphasizing the importance of overcoming personal objections. The art of asking, the fear of rejection, and the nuances of building rapport are all aspects Ariel delves into, giving us a candid look at what makes a successful salesperson. It’s not just about being money-driven; it’s about being the best version of oneself, hungry for success and personal growth.

As the conversation unfolds, Ariel’s insights reveal not just the mechanics of sales but also its heart and soul. With each tidbit and reflection, readers are offered a glimpse into the world of a professional who has carved a niche through passion, insight, and an unyielding commitment to excellence.

The Art of Sales: Ariel’s Key to Success

The DNA of a Great Salesperson

“Can anyone become a good salesperson?” Matthew’s question hung in the air, inviting Ariel’s expert opinion on the matter. Ariel paused and laid it out, “If he has the three virtues—self-confidence, honesty, and independence—I can teach anyone to sell anything.” These aren’t just buzzwords; to Ariel, these are non-negotiable traits. They’re the foundation, the cornerstone. Sure, there’s more to sales, but without these, you’re building on sand. A sentiment that was clear in his voice, “The truth will follow you. You can’t lie to people forever.”

Challenges, Growth, and the Constant Pursuit of Excellence

Matthew steered the conversation to Ariel’s journey at Volaris and the unique challenges he’s faced. Ariel’s response was both reflective and candid, “When you’re working in an organisation like Volaris, you have goals.” He went on to describe the intricacies of the business, the hurdles, and the ambitions yet to be fulfilled. But his honesty was most palpable when discussing his past venture, HackerU, a company that saw immense growth under his leadership. “It’s not one secret ingredient. I chose the right people,” Ariel divulged. There’s no magic formula, no shortcut. It’s about creating systems, ensuring customer satisfaction, and continuously innovating.

An Unwavering Commitment to Learning

Ariel’s parting message resonated on multiple levels. In a world that’s constantly changing, the drive to keep learning is what sets the greats apart from the good. “In Volaris, you’re still learning,” Ariel mused. And it’s this spirit, this thirst for knowledge and improvement, that’s evident in every decision he makes, every strategy he employs. His journey with HackerU, for instance, wasn’t without its challenges, but as he so aptly put it, “There are always ups and downs in everything…but if you’re looking back and you’re not regretting, you’re in a good spot.”

The truth will follow you. You can’t lie to people forever

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