Charting Success in the Digital Seas: Viveka von Rosen’s Voyage from Life Coach to LinkedIn Luminary

Viveka von Rosen’s Voyage: From Tech Turmoil to Triumph in the AI Era

In the latest edition of Bright Founders Talk, our host Matthew at Temy —a company renowned for crafting software solutions with an emphasis on sustainability—engages in an insightful conversation with the illustrious Viveka von Rosen. Co-founder of Vengreso, Viveka is an embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit and LinkedIn savviness, whose expertise has been shaping the realm of social selling and social video training. Now steering her company towards innovative software solutions, Viveka’s journey from passionate entrepreneur to a recognized authority in digital networking is as captivating as it is educational.

In our exclusive interview, Viveka von Rosen shares not only her professional chronicle—transitioning from running a tack store for horse enthusiasts to becoming a leading voice in the digital space—but also imparts wisdom on the true essence of loving what you do, and doing what you love within a business context. With a candid recount of her adventures, from hang gliding instructor to a pioneer in co-shared office space, von Rosen’s story is a testament to the evolution of passion into purpose.

She stresses the importance of aligning your business with your true interests, highlighting how LinkedIn played a pivotal role in her own entrepreneurial success. Join us as we delve into the story of a serial entrepreneur who has mastered the art of leveraging personal passions to build a fulfilling and successful career.

Viveka von Rosen's Voyage: From Tech Turmoil to Triumph in the AI Era
From Horses to Hang Gliders: Viveka von Rosen on Pivoting Passions into Profit

Viveka von Rosen, with her voice as warm as the Costa Rican sun she often basks under, dives into the tapestry of her entrepreneurial ventures with the kind of enthusiasm that’s downright infectious. She’s the type who finds a sliver of silver lining in every cloud—even when that cloud happens to be a dodgy internet connection in South Africa. “I just love that we can do business anywhere,” she muses, setting the tone for a chat that’s less about connectivity and more about the boundless connections she’s made.

I just love that we can do business anywhere

Talking of LinkedIn profiles, Viveka casually drops a truth bomb that hits close to home for many hustlers turned business moguls. “Do what you love, and the money will follow,” she quips, but with a caveat that it’s a double-edged sword. Her tales weave through her earlier ventures, from selling horse gear to a brush with the skies as a hang gliding instructor—each anecdote brimming with the highs and lows that eventually steered her towards the digital networking realm.

It’s her pivot to LinkedIn and the subsequent launch of Vengreso that truly captures the spirit of adaptation. “I thought [LinkedIn] could be a really, really cool business,” she recalls, and cool it certainly became. Her journey with the platform isn’t just about cultivating a business; it’s about nurturing a love for empowering entrepreneurs and crafting compelling content. And her golden takeaway? “Sometimes you find something you love, but it might take a while.” For Viveka, it’s about rediscovering dormant passions and transforming them into living, breathing enterprises via LinkedIn’s dynamic landscape—a canvas where creativity meets commercial success.

Unleashing Potential: How Viveka von Rosen Turned LinkedIn into a Playground for Entrepreneurs

Viveka’s voice is as rich and full of life as her journey—a blend of vivid experiences with a sprinkle of trial and error, shaping a trajectory that many dream of but few dare to embark on. Picture her, once a horse gear shop owner, then a hang gliding instructor, morphing into an entrepreneur whose love affair with LinkedIn began not at first sight, but as a slow burn that turned into a blazing passion. Viveka, in her words, has discovered that “doing what you love and turning it into a business are two different things,” a piece of wisdom she imparts with the same enthusiasm as one shares an infectious secret.

What makes Viveka’s narrative unique isn’t just her pivot from various enterprises into the digital realm; it’s the way she threads her past passions into her present vocation. She’s not just a LinkedIn guru; she’s a serial entrepreneur who’s danced with various industries until she found her rhythm with Vengreso. Her platform isn’t just a tool; it’s a canvas where professionals can paint their skills and connect with like-minded souls. “It’s about creating relationships,” Viveka shares, underscoring the essence of her mission, to shift the focus from selling to engaging—because, at the core, business is about fostering genuine connections. There’s a spark that ignites when Viveka talks about vengreso’s transformation from a social selling educator to a provider of sleek, smart software. The leap into tech, particularly for a team seasoned in training, was not a stroll in the park. They navigated through the metamorphosis from a robust team of 44 global employees to a lean, agile machine, honing in on software development—a journey that required shedding beloved roles and diving headfirst into uncharted waters. This strategic pivot reflects the modern entrepreneurial saga: adapt, evolve, or risk being left behind. It’s in these candid revelations that Viveka’s narrative transcends advice and becomes a testament to resilience. “We didn’t just pivot; we leaped into a new dimension,” she muses, encapsulating the boldness of their venture.

In a space that thrives on innovation and adaptability, Viveka stands as both a beacon and a bridge. She is a storyteller whose chapters are filled with insights on nurturing passions and leveraging platforms to uncover one’s true potential. It’s not just about the tools one uses, but how one uses them to carve out a space in the entrepreneurial landscape. Viveka’s journey, punctuated with wit and wisdom, reminds us that while the path to success is never linear, it is always paved with lessons that are universal in their relevance. “Remember,” she says with a smile, “it’s the relationships that build the road to success.” This quote isn’t just a mantra; it’s the heartbeat of her ethos—business is personal, and success is a collaborative effort.

It’s the relationships that build the road to success

Viveka’s Voyage: From Staffing Shakeup to Software Success

Viveka’s voice crackles with the raw emotion of memory, “It was like choosing who gets to stay in a lifeboat,” she reflects on the heart-rending decision to scale down her team drastically. The journey from a bustling hub of 44 down to a nimble crew of seven was marked by personal and professional turmoil. Yet, through the storm, Viveka’s leadership shone – offering not just severance, but support, and the chance to reinvent roles within the restructured reality. “We shrunk to survive,” she admits, painting a vivid picture of a captain steering through an unforeseen economic squall. And when asked about her thoughts during that time, Viveka shared, “You’ll know when you know,” a mantra that hints at the blend of intuition and insight that has navigated her path.

But the trials didn’t end at internal restructuring; the external world was unyielding. With the economic downturn mocking their every move, funding became a fabled oasis in a desert of dry banks and tight-fisted investors. Viveka chuckles wryly, recounting how a rival, barren of clients and profits, landed a $7 million windfall while her own profit-making venture scrambled in the funding famine. Here she laid bare the underbelly of entrepreneurship – unpredictability. Despite rigorous research and a seemingly sound strategy, the market’s moods were merciless. “We couldn’t foresee the crash,” she confesses, an acknowledgment that sometimes even the best-laid plans are at the mercy of market mayhem.

We couldn’t foresee the crash

Yet, the entrepreneur’s spirit is nothing if not resilient. Viveka’s tale took a turn with the advent of AI – a technology that both challenged and changed their course. “Had we jumped on the AI train just a bit earlier,” she muses, hinting at the tightrope of timing in tech. Her team’s transformation into an AI-centric crew required grit and grind, with each member donning multiple hats, learning new skills, and doubling down on their dedication. And just when the pivot seemed too steep, the breakthrough came. Viveka beams as she shares, “We have the best people now,” crediting her dream team of developers for turning tides and tech alike. Her narrative is a testament to the power of the right people in the right place at the right time – a synergy that saw them sail from stormy seas to a sunrise of software ascendancy.

In the throes of entrepreneurial tempests, Viveka found herself at the helm of a sinking ship, faced with the gut-wrenching task of downsizing her crew from 44 to a mere seven. It’s a scene that could break the spirit of any leader, but not Viveka. With the grit that only true entrepreneurs possess, she navigated through this storm, steering her venture through the uncharted waters of a collapsing economy and a booming AI revolution. She candidly reflected on the pain of those times, stating, “We went from making good money to questioning, ‘Can I eat this week?'” That quote, raw and unfiltered, encapsulates the essence of entrepreneurial resilience.

We went from making good money to questioning, ‘Can I eat this week?

It wasn’t just the shrinking team or the economic nosedive that tested her; the rise of AI threw another curveball, challenging Viveka to adapt or be left behind. And adapt she did, embracing the technology that once seemed to threaten her business. This ability to pivot and reframe the company’s direction was a lifeboat amidst the wreckage. In her words, “Everyone is doing AI, but we used it to breathe new life into our products.” Viveka’s journey underscores the evolution necessary within the rapidly changing tech landscape, where learning new skills and reframing one’s business model isn’t just a choice—it’s the only way to stay afloat.

As the tides turned, Viveka and her streamlined team of experts saw the dawn of new possibilities. With the right people on board, the ship was no longer rudderless but powering ahead with renewed vigor. She relished in the resurgence of her company, noting the importance of the human element: “Once we found the right people, it was a game-changer.” Viveka’s experience is a testament to the power of resilience and the critical impact of assembling a stellar crew. As she now looks to the horizon, her passion for mentoring female entrepreneurs gleams as brightly as a lighthouse, guiding others through their own entrepreneurial voyages.

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