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Breaking Boundaries: Senska Jean’s Bold Leadership Igniting Change in Entrepreneurial World

Disrupting the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Senska’s Innovative and Sustainable Leadership Explored

In the Bright Founders Talk at Temy, we had the honor of interviewing the resilient and enterprising Senska Jean, the CEO of Womenful Voice. Rooted in Haiti, Womenful Voice is a revolutionary organization focused on empowering women and girls, helping them foster a mindset of confidence, resilience, and ambition.

It aims to provide a platform for them to voice their needs and opinions fearlessly. In the interview, Senska shared the journey that has shaped her bold approach to life, a journey marked by overcoming societal norms and exploring new horizons. From her humble beginnings in Haiti to her experiences in diverse cultures, Senska’s narrative resonates with strength, resilience, and the adventurous spirit.

As she shares anecdotes from her travels, the experiences that moulded her worldview, and her determined efforts towards women empowerment in Haiti, her story serves as an inspiring beacon for women everywhere. Join us as we delve into the story of this remarkable leader, her organization, and the transformative work they’re undertaking.

Embracing the World, Empowering Women: Senska Jean’s Transformative Journey

Our charming chat with Senska Jean, the heart and soul of Womenful Voice, isn’t just an interview—it’s a fascinating peek into a journey of discovery, resilience, and empowerment. Senska’s world has been as expansive as her ambitions, stretching from her roots in Haiti, through an enlightening educational journey in Costa Rica, to her experiences in the United States. Every stop on her global trek has reinforced her belief in the power of cultural interchange and personal growth. As she put it, “The more you’re scared, the less you do.”

The more you’re scared, the less you do

While these travels were an eye-opener, they also gave her a unique perspective on how different societies shape their women. She observed that women in the U.S., for instance, unabashedly take charge, a cultural shift that struck a chord in her. “I’ve learned to adopt these [ideas] into my life and just be like, I’m one as everyone else,” she revealed, pinpointing her transformative moment. For Senska, the key lies in embracing this feeling of being ‘one as everyone else’, a mantra that encapsulates her approach to empowering women in Haiti through Womenful Voice.

Senska’s mission is to help women and girls in her homeland to overcome the fear and step into fields traditionally dominated by men. She’s leading a quiet revolution, encouraging women to voice their opinions, claim their space, and assert their needs. And all this because she took a leap of faith, changed her own mindset, and decided to “go for it”. The core idea? To foster a mindset where fear doesn’t limit ambition. As Senska beautifully puts it, “The world is way bigger than that. And you have one life.” An invaluable lesson from a truly remarkable woman.

Senska: Redefining Culture, Time Management, and Empowerment

In a lively discourse, Senska, a true powerhouse and a confluence of cultures, shared her take on the diversity and uniqueness of human experiences. She stressed the importance of recognizing not just the culture, but the individual journeys that shape a person. “Every human being is unique, it’s not just the culture but where they’ve been that defines the person,” she said, underscoring her perspective on the richness of human experiences.

Every human being is unique, it’s not just the culture but where they’ve been that defines the person

Senska further dives into the concept of time management and how it frames her life. As a morning person who also burns the midnight oil, she has learnt to strike a balance. “Waking up early and time management are so important,” she explained, citing her rigorous routine as the key to navigate her professional world.

Perhaps one of the most striking facets of Senska’s journey is her dedication to empowering women. The inspiration behind ‘Womenful Voice’ came from a deeply personal connection and a tragic loss. Senska has since turned her grief into a powerful force for good, touching the lives of hundreds of women. In her words, “focusing on the problem is good, but focusing on resolving the story is even better,” a testament to her unwavering resilience and tenacity.

Senska: Embodying Resilience and Harnessing Vulnerability – An Ode to Growth and Gratitude

Senska, a remarkable symbol of resilience, unfolds her journey of self-discovery, self-improvement, and the pursuit of passion. Speaking from her heart, she narrates an anecdote from her childhood that has had a profound influence on her. Raised in Haiti with the prophetic name “light,” a seed of greatness was planted in her at an early age. It might not have been an explicit conviction, but this belief gradually seeped into her subconscious mind and influenced her actions. Reflecting on her life, she muses, “My body probably internalised it. And now, I’m doing great things for people and the world.”

Her penchant for personal development and emotional maturity shines through her words. Therapy and reading are her pillars of strength. She credits her healing journey to therapy and a particular book titled “Care for Black Women.” She firmly believes in the power of vulnerability, taking inspiration from the renowned researcher and author Brené Brown. This penchant for self-improvement and the candid acceptance of vulnerability manifest themselves into her ethos. She passionately encourages everyone to focus on personal development, stating, “read books that talk about the core of a human being. Listen to podcasts like Brené Brown, that talk about how being vulnerable is not a bad thing. It’s how you show people you care, you love, and you can be loved.”

As we delve deeper into Senska’s philosophy, a notable element is her gratitude towards life. She wakes up each morning with a heart full of gratitude for her existence, her roots, and her accomplishments. This gratitude empowers her to live each day with fervor, sharing, “I’m so grateful for every little thing that I have. Just having a roof, having a desk, having an office, being able to eat, those gratitudes are what makes me wake up every day in my life.” Her journey stands as a testament to the power of resilience and the beauty of gratitude, resonating with countless people who are treading their paths to self-discovery.

I’m so grateful for every little thing that I have. Just having a roof, having a desk, having an office, being able to eat, those gratitudes are what makes me wake up every day in my life

Senska – The Unwavering Visionary Navigating The Maze Of Leadership

Senska, the unwavering visionary and compassionate leader, is no stranger to the turbulent seas of managing a dynamic board of directors and a dedicated team of staff volunteers. Throughout our interview, she offered insightful nuggets into her modus operandi, unmasking her remarkable ability to manage expectations and maneuver through challenging tasks and deadlines.

A crucial thread that interweaves Senska’s narrative is her strength in communication, which she considers as a fundamental pillar of her success. Navigating a myriad of roles, she advocates for transparency in expressing personal and collective needs within the organization. “You need to be the person that bridges the gap between your board of directors and the staff,” she says, illuminating her role as a conduit that permits two-way understanding. Encouraging a culture of communication empowers each individual within the organization, leading to a synergy that propels progress and innovation.

Another essential theme in Senska’s narrative is her belief in the potential of every individual within her organization. Beyond just cultivating an environment that fosters growth, she underscores the need to recognize and honor the unique skills that each team member brings to the table. The embodiment of her mindset lies in this subtly powerful statement: “When you’re risk adverse, you’re taking away experiences from you.” With her unwavering commitment to growth and development, Senska stands as a beacon of inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, painting a vivid picture of what leadership can be when fueled by communication, empathy, and a steadfast commitment to personal and collective development.

When you’re risk adverse, you’re taking away experiences from you

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