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Blending Boundaries: Stephan Haymerle’s Journey from Work-Life Balance to a Holistic Harmony

Work-Life Harmony & Diverse Teams: Unlocking Success with Entrepreneur Stephan

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Bright Founders Talk at Temy. This week we have a special guest, Stephan Haymerle, the brain behind the innovative food delivery service, SCHRANKERL. With a mission to serve “Great Food for Busy People,” Haymerle shares his inspiring entrepreneurial journey from the bustling streets of Vienna to the establishment of his unique startup.

Not a typical tech entrepreneur, Stephan traces his roots back to a career in B2B sales and a strong inner desire to make a mark of his own in the business world. The drive to provide a solution for the lackluster frozen meals prevalent in the corporate scene gave birth to SCHRANKERL, blending his passion for food with entrepreneurship.

His strong belief in team diversity, commitment to sustainability, and zeal to offer good, local food creates a compelling narrative of resilience and innovation. Sit back and enjoy as we delve into the intriguing story of how a small idea can transform into a promising startup, positively impacting everyday life.

Re-Imagining Office Dining: Stephan Haymerle on Entrepreneurial Passion and a Food Revolution

In the sea of corporate chaos, one entrepreneur dares to turn the tide, striving to create a haven of gourmet delight right within office walls. Stephan Haymerle, the brains behind SCHRANKERL, might have had his career beginnings in the tech-less realm of B2B sales, but a gnawing desire to build something of his own kept him restless. The pandemic brought a moment of reckoning, and he dove headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship. He confesses, “I was never the big corporate guy who is climbing up the ladder step by step. It’s just not my skill set.”

Haymerle underscores the importance of complementing skillsets within a founding team, pointing out that entrepreneurship is not a trait exclusive to a select few, but rather a collaborative effort. This echoes the diversity and inclusion he believes should pervade all aspects of the business world.

Redefining Lunch Culture: Stephan’s Pioneering Vision for a Sustainable, Community-Building Future

In our recent interview with Stephan, the social entrepreneur shared his innovative approach towards both meat consumption and food waste. His aim is not to force people into vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, but rather to help them discover how delightful meatless meals can be. The objective is to promote sustainable dietary choices by offering appealing plant-based options alongside regular meals. Stephan stated, “Sometimes people don’t even recognize that there’s no meat inside. That’s our biggest leverage – helping employees and companies to try out new things and realize that it’s actually tasting really good.”

Stephan’s mission also revolves around reducing food waste. His company expends considerable effort collecting ready-to-eat food and donating it to charities. The food collected is typically of excellent quality and can be enjoyed even past its due date. Stephan noted, “This isn’t just about giving away supermarket items. These are ready meals that can be put directly in the oven or microwave.”

Further, Stephan explained the importance of creating a supportive and fulfilling workspace culture. This, he believes, contributes significantly to a company’s success. At the heart of this culture is the tradition of shared lunch breaks – a social space where colleagues can relax, chat, and bond over good food. In Stephan’s words, “People work because they like to work with certain colleagues. We help companies build up that lunch culture which enhances the whole employer branding topic. It’s just a great benefit to not think about food but have great quality directly at the place where you spend time.”

People work because they like to work with certain colleagues. We help companies build up that lunch culture which enhances the whole employer branding topic. It’s just a great benefit to not think about food but have great quality directly at the place where you spend time

SCHRANKERL is built on values of trust and freedom for its employees. Their culture encourages employees to take ownership of their work while also fostering open criticism and learning from failures. The overarching ambition is to build a successful company while maintaining an ethos of mutual respect, free from destructive internal competition. Stephan maintains, “We give a lot of trust and freedom to our employees, but we are ambitious at the same time.”

Despite starting his business during uncertain times, Stephan emphasizes the importance of taking calculated risks in the entrepreneurial journey. He points out that the biggest risk for him was the potential failure of his venture. His passion for good food and sports, combined with a shared ambition among his team, serves as the driving force behind his endeavors.

Stephan’s story is one of innovatively using the power of food to bring about social change. It is an exciting journey that reimagines the way we approach both lunch and the idea of workplace culture. The underlying message from Stephan’s approach is a simple yet profound one: the future of our planet and our workplaces can be positively reshaped by a thoughtful lunch break. As Stephan succinctly put it, “We’re all foodies, combined with a lot of us who also like to do sports. But we also like to eat good food, and that’s deep down in our passion.”

Braving the Storm: Stephan’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey Amid a Pandemic

Stephan admits, with a candid shake of his head, that there’s an undeniable pressure at the heart of entrepreneurship: the livelihood of the team. It’s this very threat of job losses that looms over him like a persistent cloud, more so when their venture kicked off in the turbulent times of the COVID-19 pandemic. But instead of retreating, Stephan and his team embraced the challenge, finding innovative ways to adapt and thrive even as offices around them were shuttered.

“You get really creative,” Stephan insists, the sparkle in his eyes narrating tales of tastings with masks and online presentations. Beyond the standard entrepreneurial risks, he points to the market uncertainty that currently holds a tight grip over the US and European landscapes. But he does more than just acknowledging the looming economic risks; he masterfully sways the conversation towards the vital role of employee investment. He’s quick to emphasize that not just attracting but retaining employees is paramount to their mission, presenting the case for on-site food services that would not only relieve employees of the “where do I get my food from” question but also drastically boost productivity.

The question isn’t just about being attractive as an employer, but also making your employees productive. Food plays a large part. Having it readily available, that’s the key to freeing up their headspace to focus on the real tasks at hand

As the conversation steers towards mentorship, Stephan recounts his inspirations – prominent digital influencers like Gary Vee to an expansive network of founders he can rely on. This trust-based network, he notes, forms a strong support system that he can turn to for valuable advice, bringing him both solace and insights amidst his arduous entrepreneurial journey. His words subtly underlining that in the world of business, you’re never really alone.

Balancing the Scales: How Stephan Masters Work-Life Blending and Thrives on Diversity

As the day breaks, Stephan is already awake. An early bird, he understands the value of a well-started day. But it’s not all business. In his vision of a perfect company, work and life don’t merely coexist; they blend seamlessly. Stephan believes in creating an environment where employees can disconnect, relax, and recharge their batteries. A week of holiday that truly feels like a holiday, not a covert work trip. His focus is on being present and fully engaged, whether he’s attending a board meeting or spending quality time with his family. “If I’m on holidays, I’m on holidays. If I’m working, I don’t do other stuff,” he states with conviction.

If I’m on holidays, I’m on holidays. If I’m working, I don’t do other stuff

There’s more to Stephan’s life recipe than a clear divide between work and rest. He acknowledges the importance of maintaining physical health and its relationship with mental well-being. He’s a firm believer in the energy surge brought by a good workout, noting how it aids in managing stress. “If I have a week where I don’t do sports, I cannot handle stress that well,” he confesses. To him, having a routine that includes time for self-care and fitness is as crucial as meeting deadlines at work.

In the world of entrepreneurship, Stephan finds strength in diversity. He emphasizes the importance of having diverse teams, stating it’s not just a surface level concern but a core factor in better decision-making. “I deeply think that diverse teams do better decision making,” he asserts. He shares an invaluable piece of advice, drawn from his experience, especially during a difficult phase of fundraising. “You cannot look back. You always have to look forward and see how you can reach your goals,” he insists. It’s clear that Stephan’s wisdom isn’t rooted in theoretical knowledge but in a journey paved with trials, victories, and constant learning.

You cannot look back. You always have to look forward and see how you can reach your goals

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