Beyond the Edge: Rolf Adam’s Visionary Take on Sustainable Innovation

Rolf’s Insight: Navigating Sustainable Change & Rethinking Energy Solutions

In a recent episode of “Bright Founders Talk” at Temy, the guest speaker was Mr. Rolf Adam, the CEO of Implico. For those unfamiliar with the name, Implico is an IT company with a stellar reputation in the energy and natural resources industries.

Having just celebrated their 40th anniversary, the firm specializes in software solutions for the midstream and downstream sectors of the supply chain. What sets Implico apart? Not just its niche expertise, but also the undeniable commitment of its team.

As Adam elucidates in this intriguing interview, many of Implico’s personnel have remained with the company since its inception, a testament to its culture and vision. Dive into the conversation to discover more about the intricate world of energy supply chains and the software that keeps them flowing seamlessly.

Rolf Adam's Insight: Navigating Sustainable Change & Rethinking Energy Solutions
Rolf Adam: The Big Goldfish in the Niche Pond of the Energy Sector

Mr. Rolf Adam sat down with Matthew, diving deep into the intricacies of the Implico Group. “We just celebrated our 40th anniversary,” he beamed, offering a hint at the longevity and resilience of his company. The Implico Group, he explains, doesn’t merely operate in the supply chain domain – they have mastered it. Their expertise focuses keenly on the midstream and downstream aspects of the supply chain for liquid goods, from storing liquids like coffee to aiding gas companies in their storage needs.

We are the big goldfish in that small pond, because there’s no other company that has that industry expertise that we have

But what truly stands out about Implico Group isn’t just their unique focus. It’s the unwavering dedication and commitment of their team. In an era where changing jobs has become the norm, Implico prides itself on a stunning number of long-term employees. Some have even been with the company since its inception, a testament to the kind of loyalty seldom seen these days. “We probably have about 10 people on board that date back to the year when Implico was originally founded,” Adam proudly states.

Such loyalty isn’t without reason. Beyond their industry-leading niche, Implico Group considers itself a thought leader, always ahead of the curve. They have mastered the art of hiring the right people – those who share their vision and commitment. There’s also a profound sense of responsibility that keeps their team excited. Adam lays it out simply: if their software falters, the real-world consequences are immediate and massive. But that level of responsibility is also what makes every day at Implico so exciting and fulfilling for its team. Every time a car refuels, it’s a testament to their relentless commitment and expertise.

Rolf’s Odyssey: From Milking Cows to Powering the Smart Grid

Rolf’s story isn’t your ordinary journey to the executive suite. Before embarking on a globe-trotting business education, Rolf lived the contrasting life of a Midwest dairy farmer in the US. “Don’t be a farmer unless it’s a hobby,” he chuckles, recounting days spent milking cows, sometimes even by hand. This early taste of hard work and unique experiences equipped him with a resilience and perspective few possess.

Don’t be a farmer unless it’s a hobby

After his farming interlude, Rolf’s trajectory shot him back to Germany, followed by academic stints in the US. Soon after, he had his “epiphany” – he was destined for management consulting. For over a decade, he dived into the pulsating heart of the energy industry, becoming an early advocate for the energy transition and digitization. Yet, beneath the thrill of the corporate world was a longing for balance. Consulting was exhilarating, but demanding. The “gold cage” of prestigious jobs had its allure, but at what cost?

The pivotal moment came during a four-month worldwide sabbatical with his wife. The disconnection from the corporate chatter revealed a deeper need to align personal and professional worlds. It wasn’t just about the energy industry or the next big venture. It was about understanding human needs, including his own. Today, with the wisdom of his journeys, both literal and metaphorical, Rolf emphasizes the importance of work-life balance, not just as a buzzword, but as an integral part of effective leadership.

Rolf on Balancing Global Expansion and Work-Life Harmony in the Evolving Energy Landscape

Rolf, the dynamic head of the ‘Implico Group’, candidly discussed the challenges and rewards of managing a growing international operation, especially in the demanding private equity owned environment. “We’ve had a rollercoaster year,” he admits. “There are times when it’s all-consuming, but then there are moments for relaxation, for family, and for oneself.” Rolf stressed the importance of balance, advocating for both personal well-being and professional commitment.

The Implico Group, while being an established European entity for 40 years, is steadily setting its sights on more international horizons. Rolf’s vision extends to untapped markets in Asia, Australia, and the broader APEC region. But with expansion comes challenge. “Even as fuel consumption dips in Central Europe, the complexity of our customer’s operations only climbs,” Rolf points out. He then delves into the exciting and intricate world of cloudification, further digitization, and the imminent rise of the industrial IoT. These shifts aren’t just technological. With an aging workforce and evolving consumer demands, the company is constantly adapting to new challenges.

But perhaps the most compelling insight came when discussing the unsung heroes of the industry. “It’s easy to sit behind the desk and talk about software,” Rolf muses, “but our customers and their operators? They are on the frontlines in dangerous environments, ensuring we can flip on a light or fill up a car without a second thought.” His words serve as a poignant reminder of the myriad processes, risks, and dedication involved in an industry often taken for granted by end users.

It’s easy to sit behind the desk and talk about software

Rolf’s Vision: Balancing Innovation and Sustainability for a Brighter Future

While many industries grapple with the complexities of technological innovation and human error, Rolf’s approach stands out. He sheds light on the next-generation evolution of product lines, emphasizing the integration of analytics and AI. Not just to reduce the potential for human error, but to enhance understanding and predictability, ensuring safer environments for operators, customers, and the company.

Not living on the edge is wasted space

Rolf’s concern for the environment doesn’t just stop at European borders. Drawing from global perspectives, he highlights the often overlooked challenges of our modern lifestyles. Radical shifts, like the rushed exit from nuclear power following incidents like Fukushima, might be well-intentioned, but the implications can be broad and damaging. It’s not just about immediate reactions but understanding the long-term repercussions of decisions made in haste.

As Rolf elucidates the electric vehicle paradox, it’s evident that genuine change requires holistic thinking. Pioneers like Tesla have undeniably spurred creativity and innovation. Still, as we navigate the climate crisis and emerging technologies, it’s essential to not just celebrate the immediate wins but to delve deeper into their long-term sustainability. Only then can we craft a balanced future that doesn’t leave the next generation cleaning up after our hasty decisions.

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