AI Unleashed: Hadas Ziso’s Crusade to Transform Women’s Health with EndoCure

EndoCure: Hadas Ziso’s Journey to Revolutionize Women’s Health with AI

In the vibrant world of entrepreneurship and innovation, we had the pleasure of conversing with Hadas Ziso, the Founder and CEO of EndoCure. On the latest episode of The Bright Founders Talk Podcast, we delve into the journey of a visionary whose keen insight into AI and dedication to healthcare has propelled her to the forefront of her field. 

Hadas, an entrepreneur, shares her unique perspective on leadership, balance, and the relentless pursuit of passion. From discussing the delicate art of managing a team with empathy and discipline to revealing her personal escape in the therapeutic company of horses, Ziso’s narrative is one of relentless passion and multifaceted interests. She reflects on her childhood aspirations, the shifts in her career trajectory, and the continuous thread of caring that has woven through her life’s work. 

With a deep-seated love for learning and an impressive academic background, Hadas exemplifies the lifelong learner, constantly seeking new horizons and understanding. Her story is not just about creating successful businesses but about nurturing growth, fostering creativity, and making a significant impact on people. As we explore her journey, insights, and the wisdom she imparts, it’s clear that Hadas Ziso isn’t just building companies; she’s crafting a legacy of innovation, care, and inspiration.

Leading the Change: Women in Tech and Their Impact on Medical Innovations
The Balancing Act: Hadas on Leadership, Creativity, and the Equestrian Escape

You might think being a boss is all about giving orders and setting targets, but for Hadas, it’s more like a dance between being a nurturing figure and a disciplined leader. “I felt like I’m their mother,” she shared with a laugh, highlighting the importance of being a good listener and an encourager. But don’t be fooled by the soft exterior; she’s all about setting limits and ensuring the work gets done. It’s this blend of warmth and firmness that has her team singing her praises, and it’s a testament to the nuanced art of leadership.

When the laptops close and the meetings adjourn, Hadas finds her solace not in the quiet corners of a room but amidst the sounds of hooves and neighs. “Riding horses is therapy,” she confessed. For someone who juggled three daughters, and leading companies, it’s this equestrian love affair that keeps her grounded. The horses, she believes, have saved her more than once, offering a mental and emotional reprieve from the demands of her bustling life. It’s a side of a CEO you rarely see, and it’s utterly refreshing.

Riding horses is therapy

Hadas’s creativity doesn’t just stop at problem-solving in the boardroom; it spills into every aspect of her life. Inspired by Picasso’s philosophy that “everything you can imagine is real,” she approaches every challenge with a creative lens. Whether it’s while riding her horses or in the quiet moments of reflection, Hadas is always brewing with ideas. “I like solving problems,” she stated simply, embodying the spirit of an innovator constantly on the lookout for the next solution. It’s a reminder that creativity isn’t just about art and aesthetics; it’s a way of thinking and living.

Engineering Success: Hadas’s Journey from Lab Bench to Boardroom

Hadas’s journey is a testament to the power of starting from ground zero. “I built the system from scratch,” she reminisces about her early days, diving into the deep end with an empty desk, no budget, and a vision that outstripped resources. This wasn’t just about making do; it was about making waves in the world of engineering and entrepreneurship. Her knack for nurturing nascent ideas into tangible realities is not just impressive; it’s inspiring. Hadas is not one to shy away from the bare bones of beginnings. She embraces them, raising funds, rallying resources, and rolling out results that speak volumes of her determination and skill.

I built the system from scratch

“For me, 90% is sometimes good enough,” Hadas admits, shedding light on the balancing act between perfectionism and practicality. In a world where every millimeter counts, especially in the delicate dance of neurosurgery robotics, Hadas has learned the art of compromise without compromising the vision. This isn’t just about being precise in business; it’s about being passionate yet practical, innovative yet insightful. Her journey from an R&D engineer to the CEO is a narrative filled with challenges, choices, and changes, each meticulously maneuvered to mold a path that leads to success.

Delving into the domain of Tamar Robotics, Hadas unveils the story behind the technology that’s as cutting-edge as the waterjet it employs. From developing a robot for minimally invasive neurosurgery during her PhD to founding a company that stands on the frontier of medical innovation, her journey is nothing short of remarkable. “We started developing the system for preclinical trials,” she states, outlining a trajectory that’s as precise and planned as the surgeries her robots aim to assist. Hadas’s narrative isn’t just about the technology; it’s about the tenacity and thoughtfulness that turned a PhD project into a pioneering product.

Trailblazing Technology: Hadas’s Crusade in Robotic Medicine and Women’s Health

Navigating the labyrinth of medical innovation is no stroll in the park, and Hadas knows this all too well. “It’s a process, which takes time,” she remarks, reflecting on the daunting challenge of introducing groundbreaking technologies like Tamar Robotics to the healthcare sector. The path to revolutionizing patient outcomes with robotics isn’t just cluttered with technical hurdles but also wrapped in layers of market education and financial feasibility. Yet, Hadas’s resolve shines through the complexities as she and her team tirelessly work towards proving that these innovations aren’t just futuristic fantasies but real-life solutions that can enhance and save lives. With every step, they’re not just selling a product; they’re advocating for a transformative shift in medical care.

Sometimes, it’s a quiet whisper that ignites the most significant changes. For Hadas, a persistent nudge to delve into women’s health led to the inception of EndoCure. “Something like a small bird whispered to me,” she shares, revealing the almost serendipitous moment that steered her focus towards a largely underrepresented area in healthcare. The journey to addressing endometriosis, a condition shrouded in silence and suffering, was not just a professional pivot but a personal crusade. Hadas’s narrative isn’t merely about identifying a gap in the market; it’s about heeding a call to make a tangible difference in the lives of millions of women. Her mission is clear: bring to light the overlooked and underserved, one innovative solution at a time.

Something like a small bird whispered to me

It’s not just Hadas’s expertise in robotics and medicine that’s driving the vision of EndoCure; it’s her profound empathy and unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of life. “I’m specifically passionate about EndoCure,” she declares, underscoring her dedication to not just extending life but enriching it. Her approach is holistic, weaving together her extensive academic and industrial knowledge to craft a solution that’s not just technically sound but also deeply resonant with the needs of women worldwide. In Hadas’s story, we see more than an entrepreneur; we see a visionary who’s redefining the intersection of technology and healthcare, with the heart of a healer and the mind of a maverick. As she puts it, “it’s not about just saving lives; it’s about saving lives during their lifetime.” And with that, Hadas isn’t just building companies; she’s building legacies.

EndoCure’s AI Revolution: Hadas’s Mission to Reshape Women’s Health

It’s not just about building a company; it’s about breaking barriers. Hadas dives into the complexities of diagnosing endometriosis, a condition notoriously difficult to identify due to its elusive nature. “The technology cannot see the very small lesions,” she explains, painting a picture of the frustration and false negatives that plague many patients. But here’s where EndoCure’s AI comes in, transforming the diagnostic landscape. This isn’t just technology; it’s a lifeline for millions of women. Hadas emphasizes the need for complete, accessible diagnostics, saying, “Our system will flag the lesions; it will be effortless.” In this mission, AI isn’t just a tool; it’s a torch lighting the way to better health.

The technology cannot see the very small lesions

Building a startup is like walking a tightrope, and Hadas knows the tension between passion and practicality all too well. Finding the right partners, especially in the early stages, is like searching for needles in a haystack. “It’s very difficult,” she admits, revealing the personal and professional challenges that come with pursuing a passion project. The journey is fraught with sacrifices, as Hadas shares a story of a partner who had to leave due to familial pressures. This isn’t just the tale of a startup; it’s a testament to the tenacity and heart required to bring a vision to life. Hadas isn’t just looking for employees; she’s looking for fellow dreamers ready to invest in a future where the payoff is as much about impact as it is about income.

With an eye on the horizon, Hadas outlines a future where EndoCure isn’t just diagnosing but also treating endometriosis non-invasively. The goal is FDA approval within 2,5 years, but the vision extends far beyond that. She dreams of a world where every endometriosis center adopts their system, a world where physicians are empowered with the tools they desperately need. “This will be the holy grail,” Hadas asserts, envisioning a system where targeted, non-invasive treatments become the norm, significantly reducing the recurrence rate of this chronic condition. In Hadas’s future, women don’t just receive better care; they reclaim their lives, thanks to the synergy of determination, technology, and a profound understanding of what it means to heal.

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