AI, Ambition & Analytics: Inside Kristian Mørk Puggaard’s Vision for the Future of Real Estate & E-commerce

Kristian Mørk Puggaard Unveils AI’s Role in Real Estate & E-Commerce Evolution

In the bustling world of technology and business, few names have made an impression as lasting as Kristian Mørk Puggaard, the CEO of Tembi. An expert in prescriptive intelligence, Kristian brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the tech industry. 

In our latest installment of The Bright Founders Talk podcast, our host Chris dives deep into Kristian’s journey and vision. From his routines and self-care rituals to his culinary passions and the unique way in which Tembi engages its employees with a book club, the conversation is as enlightening as it is engaging. 

Additionally, Kristian’s dedication to environmental causes, evidenced by his involvement with the Green Cross, showcases a commitment to making a difference beyond the boardroom. Join us as we explore the multifaceted world of a tech leader who seamlessly blends business acumen with a deep-seated passion for positive change.

Kristian Mørk Puggaard Unveils AI's Role in Real Estate & E-Commerce Evolution

From Dawn to Dusk: Kristian’s Juggling Act of Business, Family, and World Change

In the intriguing world of technology and innovation, the grind never truly stops. Take it from Kristian, who when asked about his preferred working hours, chuckled and admitted to being both an early riser and a late-night hustler. “I’ve been at both. I come in early in the morning but also like to work in the evening,” he shares, adding a playful nod to his sleep habits — or lack thereof. “You got kids, so… I like good sleep. It’s important.” Beyond the hours of strategic decision-making and coding, it’s clear that family and good sleep rank high on his list.

But Kristian’s idea of unwinding is as diverse as his taste buds. After a rigorous day at work, you might find him crafting a sumptuous Italian or French meal. And on days he feels particularly festive? “Mexican,” he grins. While Kristian indulges in European cuisines, his wife takes a culinary journey through Asia. Their shared love for good food paints a delightful picture of them splitting the world’s cuisines between them. “In terms of food, I like to cook… Italian, French, but also, if it’s like, Mexican. My wife is more into the Asian cooking. So we try to split the world between us,” he muses.

Kristian’s approach to business is just as rich as his palate. Aside from being a voracious reader of strategy books, from the classics to the contemporary, he’s taken a novel approach to learning at Tembi. “We run a book club here in Tembi… we do a lot of reading about how to develop SAS companies. And I’m very inspired by that.” But his journey doesn’t end with software and code. His passionate involvement with the Green Cross, an organization focusing on the global climate issue initiated by former Soviet President Gorbachev, highlights his broader vision. Reflecting on his journey, Kristian shares, “Back when I was in the early days of my career, I got the opportunity… to do something because climate change is going to bring war and conflict.” This dedication, both in and out of the boardroom, showcases a leader mindful of the world beyond his immediate surroundings.

We run a book club here in Tembi… we do a lot of reading about how to develop SAS companies. And I’m very inspired by that

Denmark, Data, and the Dynamic Drive: A Glimpse into Kristian’s World

As Kristian delved into the corporate landscape of Denmark, it’s apparent that businesses, both large and small, have a shared vision – sustainability and climate action. Windmills have become emblematic of big Danish companies, while smaller startups focus on analytics related to climate change. But Kristian’s journey wasn’t always intertwined with the green shift. Initially diving into the world of political science, he had aspirations of influencing societal policy and development.

What kind of world are we building? That is kind of important to me

Kristian’s career trajectory saw him swerve away from the bustling corridors of public administration. A passion for data and analytics ignited within him. He observed a considerable gap in the potential of data technologies and their actual use, especially in decision-making that impacts society. This drive led him to the realm of consulting, working on projects that brought econometrics and analytics to the forefront in Denmark – a precursor to the modern-day data science movement.

Zooming out, Kristian emphasized Denmark’s advanced stance, especially in public administration. Their progressive approach, particularly in offering open access to public data, stands out. But his international forays also spotlighted countries like Estonia and Finland. Their rapid technological evolution, high education levels, and a ‘can-do’ attitude have positioned them as global front-runners. As Kristian puts it, these nations have cultivated a culture where people don’t just wait around; they take action and progress swiftly.

The Socio-Economic Lens: How Kristian Transforms Open Data into Actionable Intelligence

Nestled among the sea of technologists and data scientists, Kristian’s unique background in economics and governance gifts him a broadened horizon. When speaking of his experiences and the ethos of his company, he mentions, “Some of those we meet out there, competitors to what we do, look at companies. But we see things differently.” It’s not just about observing what’s happening but understanding the whys, the macro-level shifts that steer the ship of micro-level events.

Kristian paints a vivid picture by illustrating the challenge ports face predicting ship arrivals. Traditional metrics might provide a time frame based on previous schedules or current ship locations. However, it’s the understanding of dynamic variables, like fluctuating freight rates in the Mediterranean, that really completes the puzzle. Without this broader perspective, a port might end up underprepared, facing logistical nightmares. Kristian’s take is both holistic and microscopic, recognizing that when macroeconomics shift, it directly influences the granular choices of individual companies and their strategies.

The journey with his company 10B continues along this path, moving from mere data collection to prescriptive intelligence. Kristian elucidates, “Your ability to make and execute the right decisions depends on gathering information from millions of data sources and making a predictive statement about the future.” From determining the potential for a new office building based on future company influx to monitoring the rank of a delivery service on myriad web shops, 10B is all about connecting vast data with tangible operations. The North Star? Ensuring businesses aren’t just reactive, but proactive, aided by intelligence that navigates them toward their end goals.

Your ability to make and execute the right decisions depends on gathering information from millions of data sources and making a predictive statement about the future

Unraveling the AI Woven Future of Real Estate and E-commerce with Kristian

Imagine a world where AI and machine learning are not just futuristic concepts, but powerful tools transforming industries. Kristian is living in that world. “You can say AI is many, that’s actually a lot of different things,” he begins, explaining how his company, operational for the past four years, harnesses the power of machine learning. From predicting company growth trajectories based on extensive data sets to the more popular natural language processing (think Chat GPT), they’re at the forefront. “Chat GPT is good… but it’s also just a small piece of what the world will bring when it comes to analytics,” he elaborates.

You can say AI is many, that’s actually a lot of different things

Diving into the strategic choices, Kristian sheds light on their focus on real estate and E-commerce. “We are building a horizontal platform… but we need to focus on some things to be really good at, to begin with,” he notes. With challenges to face, like recruiting the best talent and the right strategic direction, he emphasizes a growth mindset. As he puts it, “The aim is to grow 10% every month,” a staggering target but one that speaks volumes of their ambition. And with their rapid expansion into various European countries, the future looks promising.

It’s not just about AI for Kristian. When asked about switching roles, he reflects on his past coding experiences and his son’s burgeoning passion for programming. “It would be awesome,” he mused, thinking of spending a day as a programmer. This personal touch paints a picture of a leader deeply connected with the essence of his industry. As the interview concluded, one thing was clear: under Kristian’s guidance, the company is poised to not just ride the wave of the future, but to shape it.

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