Swimming Against the Current: CEO Frederick’s Unconventional Dive into Work-Life Balance

Finding Success through Work-Life Balance: A Candid Interview with Frederick, CEO of Security 360

Welcome to our latest article, where we delve into the riveting journey of Frederick Jacobs, the founder of Secury360. Jacobs, an evening person who wakes up quite early, is an intriguing combination of a sports enthusiast and tech innovator. He is a self-proclaimed team player, a risk-taker, and an advocate for work-life balance. His focus on long-term goals and hands-on approach have played an instrumental role in his success as an entrepreneur.

In our insightful interview, Jacobs sheds light on the unique offerings of Secury360, a game-changing solution within the security market. Using patented software, Secury360 addresses the alarmingly overlooked issue of external burglary detection.

Jacobs’ vision is centered around stopping burglars in their tracks before they breach the boundaries of your property. Stay tuned to learn more about the innovative mind behind Secury360 and the motivation that inspired him to revolutionize the security market.

Frederick Jacobs and his Quest to Revolutionize Security

Picture Frederick Jacobs – a self-proclaimed night owl who hits the pool while most of us are still lost in dreamland. What’s more interesting is how this ‘dive in’ mentality extends to his professional life. He’s not only the founder and CEO of Secury360, but also a team player who isn’t afraid to take risks. His commitment to work-life balance is as steady as his focus on long-term goals. As he says, he’s happiest when he’s learning, a proclivity that’s clearly reflected in his innovative approach to security.

“You know, everybody’s installing alarm systems, but it’s too late. The burglars are already inside,” Jacobs laments. An observation that was a call to arms for him, leading to the creation of Secury360. What he’s bringing to the table isn’t just another alarm system – it’s a security revolution. With a potent mix of AI and software, Secury360 aims to detect potential burglars before they step foot on your property, flipping the security market on its head.

And what motivated him to build this security autopilot? Quite simply, the frustration that comes with traditional systems and their limitations. “Burglars take two to four minutes to get inside. We need to detect and stop them there,” he affirms. In that one powerful quote, he encapsulates the core vision of Secury360 – preempting crime rather than reacting to it. After all, as Frederick Jacobs reminds us, “You’re not happy, nobody’s happy” when the alarm goes off too late.

From Vision to Reality: Security 360’s Innovative Leap into AI-Driven Home Protection

Despite being a self-proclaimed night owl, Frederick Jacobs finds himself rising early each day, often after an invigorating morning swim. The CEO of Security 360 is not just an enthusiastic sportsman, he’s also a risk-taker, an extrovert, and a strong believer in work-life balance. Yet, at the heart of it all, Frederick is a tech visionary with a clear focus on long-term goals.

“We’re developing a patented software and a product to detect potential burglars at the outside,” Frederick explains his groundbreaking vision. His experience with alarm systems has revealed a crucial flaw: they are often too late. By the time the alarm goes off, the intruder is already inside, creating a lose-lose situation for both homeowners and insurance companies. Frederick’s aim to shift this security paradigm underlies the driving force of Security 360. His goal? Stop the intruders before they get inside by capitalizing on existing security cameras and enhancing them with AI technology.

And yet, the path to innovation is rarely a straight line. At first, Frederick and his team wanted to rely on a worldwide community to verify potential threats detected by the system. However, legal issues arose that threatened to close down their operations. This roadblock could have been the end of the venture, but Frederick insists it was the best thing to happen to them, saying, “The dream was there, we should go through it.” This led to a transformative shift in their approach, as they decided to develop everything based on AI. This was akin to Tesla’s journey, Frederick relates, starting as a software company in a hardware world, always learning and iterating based on collected data.

As of now, Security 360 uses AI not just to identify potential threats, but to also learn patterns of normal behaviour and abnormal behaviour, resulting in fewer false alarms. The future is even more exciting, with plans to create an intelligent system capable of identifying homeowners and distinguishing them from potential threats, learning and adapting to patterns specific to each household.

A quote from Frederick that succinctly captures his commitment to innovation is, “AI building is not that complex, but collecting the right data and training the AI model to become better—that’s the real challenge.” Frederick’s dedication to evolving his product despite early hurdles showcases the perseverance and creativity required in the ever-evolving world of tech entrepreneurship.

AI building is not that complex, but collecting the right data and training the AI model to become better—that’s the real challenge

Building Trust at Lightning Speed: The Startup Journey of Security Maverick Frederick

It’s no secret that startup journeys can be a rollercoaster ride, and when you’re in the technology and security business, the ride can become even more tumultuous. Frederick, the dynamic spearhead of his tech startup, reiterates this fact. The biggest challenge, he explains, lies in the collision between the realms of tech innovation and security. Establishing trust in a field dominated by giants that have stood the test of time is far from easy. Add in the inevitable legal complications that come with the territory, and the hurdles multiply. However, Frederick’s team, albeit small, is agile, lean, and unfazed by these challenges, opting instead to meet them head-on with innovative strategies and unflagging persistence.

“Before they trust you, it really takes a lot of time,” he confides, hinting at the tireless grind behind the scenes. In fact, the trust-building process for Frederick’s company starts internally, with the faith instilled in the investors. Confidence in the product’s viability and marketability serves as the foundation upon which all else is built. This belief, in turn, extends outwardly to their installer partners. Through the innovative model of offering exclusivity in certain areas, they’ve managed to build a strong network that not only sells their product but also acts as enthusiastic brand ambassadors. This customer satisfaction, in Frederick’s eyes, is the ultimate endorsement. In his words, “It’s really a case of doing what you promise.”

Another challenge that Frederick and his team have had to confront is the supply of hardware. While their sales efforts have spanned across the globe, from the UK to South Africa, the company faced a hitch with hardware shortages. But with problems come solutions. This snag, rather than deterring them, spurred them to develop a ‘lighter’ version of their solution, which not only conserves resources but also enables them to tap into markets with different pricing structures. Frederick concludes by attributing the success they’ve enjoyed thus far to their growing brand recognition and the consistent delivery of their promise. As he proudly shares, “Everybody hears about their brand, and everybody wants to use it to have a better security installation.”

Diving into Success: The Unorthodox Balance of Work and Sport with Frederick, the CEO of Security 360

Frederick’s insight into work-life balance is both enlightening and inspiring. He speaks fondly of his initial startup days, filled with 12-hour workdays and all-too-common weekend stints. But what’s striking is the transformation he experienced after introducing physical exercise, specifically swimming, into his routine. Setting personal goals outside of work forced him to adapt to a stricter schedule, which in turn shaped his work hours. He says, “Sports make you a better focus. And also the time schedule makes you focus in the hours that you are working…you work faster and more efficient, smarter, a lot smarter.”

Frederick’s journey towards smarter work did not come without its struggles, especially in the startup scene. He accepts that initial periods may require relentless effort, often seven days a week, driven by the passion to make a company successful. However, he cautions against falling into the trap of making this pace the norm. In his own words, “If you get some goals, just do it and get through a goal but then have like a detox and work the normal hours again.”

When asked who he would invite to a brainstorming session, Frederick, with no hesitation, mentions Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and surprisingly, Nelson Mandela. The inclusion of Mandela goes beyond just strategic or technical perspectives, rather, it represents a higher ideal of making the world a safer place, of having the soul in the company, as he puts it. By including figures that encompass not only entrepreneurial prowess but also a larger societal impact, Frederick demonstrates an approach to business that is both innovative and conscious.

Work hard, it will pay off. But don’t forget to listen, to learn, to adapt. I should have done it much faster – just work hard and go for it because you get smarter when you just listen

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