Adomi Smart Home

We're building a smart home cloud-based system on the AWS infrastructure. Adomi collects data from sensors in the home and gives users control over different devices. Users of the Adomi system can use the wall switch app,  mobile app, as well as Alexa to interact with the smart home.

QA Automation service

Frontier Car Group helps automotive sales sector through technology, infrastructure creation and the promotion. The company develops, launches, and runs digital marketplaces enabling their ventures to disrupt used-automotive markets.

Reali Price Predictor

We developed a neural network that is trained to predict the prices of houses.

Yumpu News

We have developed a mobile app where users can discover and read digital versions of magazines.

Community Capital Technology

Community Capital Technology is a digital marketplace designed to connect banks, CDFIs, or credit unions directly with each other, along with providing online access to other third-party originators, purchasers, and investors across the United States.

Reconciliation System

Our team designed this app, to help businesses stabilize their liquidity by reconciling debts with uncollected claims. This system is intuitive for users and automates time-consuming manual steps at the same time.

Lesara Mobile Shop

We’ve developed a mobile retail app, which has been downloaded over 2M times. The rating of the new native app has gone from 3.5 to 4.5 stars compared to the previous hybrid application.


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