DevOps Engineer


Our client is Reali, a US-based startup that develops a mobile-first real-estate marketplace. Reali is pushing the experience of selling and buying houses to the next level with fair prices and lower commissions.
Product website
The app is already available at App Store
Also, you can find this application at Play Market

Technology Stack:
- Infrastructure: AWS EKS, EC2, S3, Terraform
- CI/CD: TeamCity, GoCD
- Test Automation: Appium, Protractor, ScalaTest, PyTest
- Monitoring & notifications: Kamino, Loggly

Interview stages:‍

1st stage - interview with our recruiter

2nd stage - interview with our technical expert

3rd stage - the client interview


- You will be involved in a few different projects based on company needs
- Your mission will be to introduce tools and practices which will allow delivering applications and services with higher velocity and with fewer human errors
- You will be working closely with different teams (like Mobile & Web teams, Data Science & BI teams) to set up and configure required services per project needs
- Review and optimize existing services and environments
- Support ongoing project


- 1.5+ years of production DevOps experience
- Strong Linux experience
- Experience with AWS services and infrastructure
- Terraform experience strongly desired
- Containers orchestration for the production system
- The building, versioning and deploying Docker containers
- CI & CD pipeline management with GitLab, Jenkins, TeamCity, etc
- Logs, performance, and network monitoring
- Python or Shell scripting. Willing to learn Python

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